Analysis of space change on site

a website at the beginning of the line, has been considering the effects of space on the site, so I have been using the network server, the performance is good, but the nets due to strategic adjustment, established in Hangzhou’s largest BGP intelligent multi line room, originally on all servers in Beijing and other places all transferred to Hangzhou. My website is launched in January 28th, regardless of the content, the update frequency is very timely, so love Shanghai, noble baby search engines have been good, but March 13th million net space transfer, the original IP address is changed, causing the site included, traffic fell badly, so that a month search engine not included the content page, and flow from the beginning of March 13th has not exceeded 200ip/ days, 100ip/ days or even sometimes do not break.

has been a long time did not write soft, we all know that is not easy to do, regardless of the domain name space, promotion and so on, are the webmaster must face a problem, today I to your own website (free home coupons) as an example, talk about the space change of the influence of the website.


for a period of time that is really hard, every day constantly add information, sometimes every day on the screen to view the traffic statistics. Love Shanghai, snapshot not update the content page is not included as depressed emerging phenomenon, always thought that this phenomenon is a precursor to love Shanghai K station. Don’t mention that when the mood is bad, but webmasters accompany me when to hold down, go to the webmaster nets see other webmaster site experience, that I have kept adding original data confidence. A month later, on April 23rd the flow suddenly up, don’t mention how happy that day, I clearly remember when I wake up first thing, check the love Shanghai snapshot, traffic situation, did not think the love Shanghai snapshot suddenly become yesterday, and then check the check book situation this month to add the data released, the main traffic increased many.


concluded that the stability of the site space is the greatest impact, after a new station was included in the search engine, when you stop to update the content within a specified time interval, it will cause the search engine will be within the specified time to visit your web site included. If there is fault space or change at this time in the region, the search engine spiders can’t access your site, which can not be included you update ", plus the new search engine, put the site into the sandbox, to focus on, if we choose to give up this time, then there is no possible below surprise. So for new sites, must keep the contents of all aspects of space, only the sense of stability, step by step accumulation, to make your website more and more love in favour of Shanghai traffic to flow to the site to Everfount.

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