How the Shanghai dragon will complete the transformation to adapt to survive

is constantly adjusting to the search engine to survive, it must be re adjusted to our Shanghai Longfeng practice, whether the content or the chain must be determined to give up the quantity to the pursuit of higher quality problem. Win with quality, in reality in order to bring the perfect experience is king, from Google’s decision to give up the outer chain analysis and from the web popularity to determine the weights of website right illustrates this point


two days to see Google published an article "" Forbes ": Shanghai dragon is dead" popular social real-time content, so I was very concerned with the Internet in recent years, crazy as well as the infiltration of enterprise profit tool, the Shanghai dragon industry also crazy, isn’t it like Google, Shanghai dragon is a wild flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum? In my opinion, this is obviously not possible!

search engine is based on the customer experience as the goal, we should also take the Shanghai dragon, to provide users with real content is king, all copies of the content, and a slight modification to the pseudo original content has been abandoned by the search engine, more and more small plus chain, even will have the opposite effect, these contents are to obtain ranking will become more difficult, and ultimately will go on the road of death. The Shanghai dragon must make the transition in the original content, in reality can be continuously adjusted for users to experience the content in the search engine to survive.


next to the decision to give up the garbage outside chain

before we always outside the number of chain to improve website rankings, but people tend to outside the chain and chain, therefore not appear a lot of Internet garbage, Shanghai dragon er stop, the webmaster constantly delete, after all became the Shanghai dragon ER and the webmaster of PK war, another Shanghai dragon Er have a headache, webmasters may also have a headache. In order to prevent the deterioration of the conflict cycle, the search engine must make some means, is also from the role of the chain to reduce waste garbage outside the chain has a negative effect on its website. Of course, not to say that the chain is not used, the chain we not quantity, but quality requirements.

we know Shanghai dragon’s purpose is to obtain the rankings so as to bring more traffic to their website and search engine website, the purpose is to bring better content to the user and customer experience, while the Shanghai dragon is attachment of search engine. This appeared in Shanghai dragon in order to obtain the flow that will bring the use unscrupulous divisive tactics! Great pressure to the search engine. In order to regulate the Shanghai dragon and the standardization of the market, make harmony with the search engine and users, the search engine made great adjustment in Shanghai Longfeng must also make corresponding adjustments to achieve the purpose of survival of the fittest, so Shanghai dragon how to complete transformation to adapt to the survival of

first depends on the purpose of search engine: customer experience.

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