Guagua Shanghai Longfeng ER awesome marketing allows you to receive more single

go to Shanghai dragon forum, generally have a Q & a plate, to help them answer questions, the author also used this method received a lot of single well, generally face is the webmaster friends.

note: sprocket stations to grasp their own Oh, be careful all suffer, I come… Tears ran to try to use the domain name of miscellaneous meters, don’t let others see you with the station group mode.

: no difficulty what difficulty, send the chain, mainly mining related keywords, long tail keywords such as.

Shanghai dragon ER learn a lot from single earn money also very few, there should be a part of the friends haven’t started receiving optimal single? I hope this article can make new friends can learn what, this is the ultimate purpose I arrive at

The conversion rate of

note: Well, should pay attention to your competitors, remember, do not go up the words don’t do ~

The conversion rate of



this is the first batch of place promotion orders, including the city of Shenzhen, part of the site in the Xinjiang area have little effect, can receive two or three month, here for business users, I bought the IX host, send IP all has run out.

standing group of order



program is a free template dedecms and WP, they just changed on the line.


: 90%

: 30%

station group marketing is the recent speculation is the fire, love Shanghai search "s", "silver", as a result, It is often seen., I also did an experiment.

difficulty: tell the questions of friends you know the answer, remember the answer after added, "I can add QQ:xxxxx together".


note: the 90% is webmaster friends, so you can do is to help them solve the problem, and the head of the list is very troublesome, they seem to require a lot of.

on their technical difficulty:

you after receiving enterprise single and the boss can meet, talk, often to send a small gift to send what, don’t know.

orders ;The conversion rate of The


The popularity of

as the name suggests, is through the optimization of a technology specifically for their orders, this is also a way to show their own technology, regard themselves as the user through the experience of user search habits to mining customers often search keywords, such as construction sites in Shenzhen, Shenzhen website optimization company, Shenzhen Shanghai dragon, etc…. This search, if you want to put these words do go up to


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