Fat 5. The reverse link explosion site

The five point above

cheats 5, reverse link source analysis of competitors, learn good things but not to copy others, do the reverse link is the same, to analyze those websites successfully, make sure you benefited.

2, is the blog 3, soft

. This is the most effective, very awesome. Is a high quality of soft Wen can add at least 10 more backlinks, I just put some frequently and summed up some skills to each big website submission, of course you have to work hard to write, and I wrote the article is hard, so every time to write something a lot of people use, including A5 of course, is the main place of submission. Soft release regularly, such as day one, increase this to your site is stable, the effect is very good. Like my friend is such departure to Yangzhou Shanghai Longfeng do love Shanghai first.

cheats. For blog in the network promotion ratio is great, I had a friend Google, told me that they do is on the list of optimization to the master and blog, add back links, in fact, blog operation is very simple, it is raised a few high weight of the blog, very strange! Like weight four the portal is the weight, if it is a new registered blog, in such a way as to add backlinks, published articles must let the search engines link this was effective, or not what. Like Sina, NetEase, Sohu is a very high weight blog.

cheats 4, Q & a system, such as more awesome love Shanghai know, Search ask the question and answer, love, and love is the Shanghai Encyclopedia Shanghai Post Bar add reverse link good stuff.

, a lot of people think are the same, the problem lies in the process of reverse link you have as to the insist, do periodic summary, I think the most important thing is not to analyze the opponents, learning the strengths of others, combined with their own advantages, do Yang others. Don’t stand to.

based Shanghai dragon is the structure and content, but in general we said the chain is the key, the chain anchor text diversity is very beneficial to ranking, in an article on the "fat man: Secret 10 is Shanghai dragon" in eighth spoke in methods and channels Shanghai Dragon Phoenix reverse link is often regarded as an important part of the network promotion, recently operating a medical class website through formal techniques in less than 2 months time to get backlinks nearly 4000 today, fat had experience to share with everyone. There are five main points:

cheats 1, the high weight of the mobile phone forum. The many webmaster know! This 2 months in my mobile phone Forum on the reverse link no 5000 there are more than 3500, mainly to add individuality signature, the first time you open, any post in the thread, the following are my signature. Here I want to express the point of the reverse link should be widely spread, be sure to select operational.

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