First line investors tell you that TMT entrepreneurs must know these five issues!

Abstract: entrepreneurs will be full of enthusiasm into their own career, but only the enthusiasm and lack of ideas, destined to make the dream of the field into a sad. Want to know what investment managers want entrepreneurs to think about



entrepreneurs will be full of enthusiasm into their own career, but only the lack of enthusiasm and ideas, destined to make the dream of the field into a sad. Want to know the investment manager expects entrepreneurs to think about what the problem? Today comes and everyone a little heart to heart talk, he believes that entrepreneurs should TMT in which 5 aspects of thinking to understand.

what do you want to do?


do you want to do the most authentic Mexican barbecue in Beijing

do you want to be a smart analysis of amount of sweat socks

in Shenzhen

I have often been entrepreneurs a powerful and unconstrained style imagination amazing. The idea is a reflection of the known world of personal life, is there evidence of entrepreneurs I think and work full of respect, but the demand for these ideas in the real world there?

how many people will be looking forward to wearing smart socks to eat barbecue in Chile? In fact, there are many stories in fact does not need capital to pay, there are a lot of good business, the company does not need to risk investment power and profit.

if you think your idea can affect tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of people and make their lives better, then venture capital should be on the of top your list. Of course, you have to find suitable for investment in your risk fund, for example, you are doing the traditional line of business, looking for TMT fund is obviously not very wise.

what is the relationship between the Internet and what you want to do?

the depth of the problem in your industry can not be resolved through the Internet, whether it can be changed into the line from the line, or the need for a complete combination of depth

you in this industry need access to resources is the core of success? Can through the Internet to help you acquire these core resources through the Internet? Or can change the core resources of the industry’s successful


all of the industry have a XX world proverb. As a general class of FMCG, channel to get the world, but the Internet does not help the FMCG Brand more and better access to the Internet itself, as a channel bonus now how much? How many brands will not be sold on the Internet,


such as sports industry in the fitness field, I think it is very difficult to non standardized training service to the electricity supplier model on line, and if it is simply a diversion, how much significance? Core resources field is the traditional fitness fitness trainer and fitness facilities, Internet access to the two core now on the market so much resources? Fitness, weight loss App, it greatly reduces the threshold of fitness, but there is no solution.

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