How to deal with a changing situation on the website ranking

said Shanghai is a good stuff, it brings Everfount flow and wealth for our love, but Shanghai temper is not good thinking, from time to time, always give you something to chaos, or how to be called "Baidu"? This is not just website ranking changes on the medical industry. So many webmaster to toss back on foot, although the medical profession Vung Tau, competition is relatively large, the row in front of the basically stable, the change is not big, basically is that a few do good website ranking in front, occasionally some fluctuation. Although there are new sites are added every day, leading to ranking secretly in the constantly changing, but we are not aware of, of course, even if there is no new added ranking in fluctuation, after all we are trying to move on, are constantly moving, but sometimes the love wave in Shanghai, but still let people very awful can not calm.

medical website as an example, we a website because it is the main station, spent a lot of time and effort, but also ranked are on the beginning of our efforts, gynecological hospital, infertility and other multiple keyword ranking situation is good. In fact, the site should be considered the weight of gynecology is a relatively good, because the site is not revised, the chain is strong, the domain name is a 06 year old domain name, and the continuation of weight has been very good, so always give love Shanghai a good ranking. But in April 23rd, has been ranked the part of good keyword actually are not, suddenly we worried, quickly find out the reasons, from the Links found outside the chain, from the net area outside the station, and analyzes the changes of many competitors in the station, but can not find the reasons, but in the psychological speculation love is not a problem in Shanghai, and in doing so in the adjustment? Wait and see, because of the fierce competition of medical websites, often not allow you to wait too long time, so we’re very nervous, second days, a check, which lost the ranking has returned, Shanghai is love a joke

I will take an example of

entered this industry a long time, know love Shanghai also know when subject to changing moods, ranking the changing without too much attention, after too many unstable factors, love Shanghai algorithm is in constant adjustment, we can only go to Mozhun algorithm trend and direction constantly, to continue to adjust, but this is not a very easy thing. I think we should keep calm, from the most basic to start, do not care about a change, then the ranking, will naturally have a good ranking, I think we should start from the following.

for us?Although

: good website content, this is the origin of Shanghai dragon, the most fundamental purpose of a website, is to provide something of value for the users, the content of a web site is more valuable information for the user can explain this website user experience do well, if this is done, then. The website will naturally get the favour of search engine, so as to get a good ranking. Good website content, good user experience.

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