Education and training skills to site long tail keywords

1, direct search. Is a name makes it clear to the user search to your website, is generally of relatively well-known education and training sites, such as "sail education", "Haitian education" and other well-known brands.

season. This is also focused on some special time of postgraduate training. Such as "2012 spring training".

3, expand the

7, expand query method. And it almost, but more specific. For example, "Chinese postgraduate training information network in the end in the famous", "the postgraduate training please".

10, analysis of user search intention. Many users search for postgraduate training not to be too specific, only a search of PubMed "two words, so you can do the extension, such as" I want to go to graduate school, where ".

service. This is how to do. Such as "postgraduate training"

6, user habits of thinking development. Here is the divergence of the user’s way of thinking. For example, "how to do the review", "where is the good of postgraduate training, postgraduate training class" which is cheap".

5, time to expand. This is according to the different time and the postgraduate training. Such as "sprint stage, how to review" how to do "pro forma".


subjects. The same is targeted, specific to the subject category here. For example, the "postgraduate mathematics training", "English postgraduate training class".

4, expand the

2, regional development. This is relative to the regional name more targeted, such as "Beijing, Wuhan" grind "section".

Shanghai Longfeng colleagues will know the benefits of long tail keywords, but here I will repeat. Only education and training as a hot industry, many want to accomplish something in the field of Shanghai dragon ER on the long tail keywords of this piece to a little strange and feel unable to start, in fact, don’t trouble, as long as usual to learn more, communicate with colleagues, you will feel a certain way, below I put my two years to develop long tail keywords tips to share.

8, contrast. This is a form to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of more attractive. For example, "Haitian education and education which is better to sail".

0, Shanghai know love. This is the love of Shanghai to know which questions. I want to graduate, where good? How about the Haitian education".

11, brand search. This is the graduate entrance exam training institutions you have a striking name. As we all know the "sea", "set sail".


we do Shanghai dragon knows a good location site, so first of all, to do education and training class of Shanghai dragon is the goal of education and training needs of groups, we do have to close this optimization, as follows:


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