From the mall to the website of Shanghai dragon bitter Road


understand their own situation, including a comprehensive understanding of product related information of their

2, know their

e-commerce website operation can not only depend on the optimization, more to do network marketing, make their own brand, so I not only accumulated Shanghai Longfeng experience, also accumulated a lot of experience in network marketing, website operation, in this period, I realized optimization of the key words the rankings do go up, we should do is to let users of our recognition, we are not selling products but to our service, the only way to optimize its own brand, and establish a good reputation in the community, and let the user to pull the user, to achieve the premise is that we must we guarantee high quality products and attentive service.

must first understand the industry

1, understand the industry

optimization and promotion are inseparable, each platform to do hands-on, and persist for a long time, which makes me more fully the characteristics of each platform, which impressed me most was the blog, this is a very easy maintenance and good effect of the chain resources, just there are a lot of people do not fully make good use of it, a good blog is not just the chain anchor text in the article, but your blog can bring what others, only a good grasp of the direction, do the blog marketing, to create their own popularity, let you recognize your blog, forwarding your the spontaneous, so your blog the chain will be very successful, but these I do and there are many areas, I experience insufficient, did a year of mall optimization.

Of course, a


more than a year before I was an intern, accidentally entered the Shanghai dragon road, I know, if you really intend to take a road can’t easily go back. I was on the Shanghai dragon is ignorant, perhaps the most confused life time is caught in the graduation and it will not graduate, can not grasp the future direction.

> My Road Mall

left the mall, is a challenge, I have no contact with website optimization articles, plus hospital hot, so I choose to go to a medical institution to do the optimization, just took over somewhat later meditation to be at a loss what to do, for two days, the initial optimization scheme, or use I used the optimization steps:

luckily chosen this path, so far no regret, I want to be on the road farther and farther. When the contact is to optimize the e-commerce website, may we all understand, optimization of a mall site is not easy, not only to the general layout of the keywords but also a good grasp of the product structure, and the product is fixed, the decoration and building materials products, the type of portal website is much more so, the optimization difficulty also increased, but there was a leader has been with me.

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