On the construction of website information architecture, data analysis, the relationship between the

operation of the website are for the purpose of self thinking, by this way the website operation is not wrong, but when the operation of the site in individual thinking will inevitably make mistakes, this time we should think of the right website content construction, data analysis and information architecture, the relationship between through the correct understanding and implementation of the three party website to make a harmonious situation, the author also has a website, mainly to do now is to optimize the service website and this business, I combine their experience and build the station optimization to talk about the construction of website information architecture, data analysis, three optimization of the relationship.

website is the first step in Shanghai Longfeng foundation, for the new online website, only do the content on the website construction to ensure the site recognized by search engines, and based on the content of the construction is not able to have, why the new site is prone to failure, in fact, qualitative reason is because the new website can not adhere to long-term website content construction, website search engine for the new requirements is particularly strict, if not able to update the content in the new station after the line, then this site may in the short term will not be able to win a good ranking, and want to have the website data analysis, then only website content according to the site spider grab your website, user access and so on are analyzed, if a network The station has no content construction, even if the site pages do, in a beautiful website devoted more will not have data analysis, not to talk about the information architecture to improve the ranking problem.

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data analysis is the thing after the website content to a certain extent, a website in the on-line early basically no data can do a comprehensive analysis of the site, but the site after an on-line data analysis stage, can play a role is very large, whether it is now in the stability of the site or included a good website, these websites are gradually increased from the data analysis, the website must go forward to stability analysis of website data continuously, the data analysis includes: 1, analysis of user access to the data and data pages, search engine guide tells us to do the work of user access, and access to data the page data so we in the first step of website data analysis must view the users of the site, to see whether these data conform to search Search engine guidelines; 2, analysis of search engine IP data, the search engine spiders in the IP stage and the data analysis is closely related to the different IP segments have different data rate, such as 123 and 220 of the two IP segment is completely different, the 123 and the railway station, and review the relationship. While there is a relationship between 220 and 3, stability and development; analysis of the change of the competition, the site is not a personal thing, is involved in a circle, in this circle we not only to analyze their own website, also must learn to observe the competitor’s website, the website is how to analyze their progress the analysis of their website.

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