How to access blocked sites website by shielding solutions

friends have such a problem recently: "how to blocked sites?". This involves the blocked reasons may in fact there are many, many foreign websites can not access at home, these are shielded by the network, may be some foreign websites related to sensitive information to the other schools and enterprises and often block some web sites, mainly to prevent or delay learning all effect of work. Many schools or businesses will shield the QQ website and some large popular sites, so how to blocked sites

is a school or enterprise blocked some website, generally difficult to solve, because the router screen, this is very difficult to solve, unless can get to the router control right, close filter site restrictions can only be resolved, of course, can also contact the network administrator to solve according to the situation.

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two, use free online access proxy. Free online web proxy search with a search engine, in the above fill you want to visit the site on the line. If you do not bother the first words, with this method, this method is simple, easy to operate.

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website is a thing 360 shielding room very annoyed recently good friend but also ask this question, we first briefly describe the 360 is how to shield our website:


, a free agent for a visit. The specific operation: use search engines to find a free agent, and then in the browser "tool" column select "Internet options" selected "connection" "Settings", the "proxy server" with free agent IP, and then fill in the browser you want to visit the site can be

you can use the following two ways to access blocked sites:

is a foreign website, and the website is safe and normal, does not involve some sensitive information, sometimes we can try to use proxy access, the method is as follows:


360 is the same as the first love of Shanghai by the spider to climb up the station, the same is scanning the sensitive information, a large number of sensitive text spiders later automatically submitted to the server, and the server to a part of the information is automatically included in the dangerous site while the other part is 360 manual blacklisted. Of course we don’t want the most the see is blacklisted. Site is 360 intercept is still relatively good solve… Mostly because our website has sensitive information.. we just need to replace it, with the website by the server space taking the shield are the same, if the station is not modified, then it has been blocked, to solve only ask the site administrator to correct bad site error, and then submit.


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there is a 360 site was blocked, the solution can refer to the following methods:

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