Outside the station optimization you really do

we all know, now the Shanghai dragon is no longer the age of Shanghai dragon before, on the outside of the chain can put the rankings piled up, now the Shanghai dragon era station link is Ningkuimoujian

drunk after his tender: 贵族宝贝chinaautolighting贵族宝贝/ please indicate the source! Thank you

what is the relevance of the chain? Is the place you must go to the relevant industry to send the chain, you can think of, you do a math problem when the Chinese teacher give you comments, there is a math teacher for your comments, you say there is a point on which good? Is the external links page content to have certain relevance with the website.

I found that most people still did not pay too much attention to their own whether the chain is of high quality, mostly depend on the number up, actually this to search engine is not very friendly, maybe you early on the chain of the rankings piled up, but I believe that as long as Shanghai love big update, your ranking also fell almost, ranking in the boost after the fall in more difficult than before optimization up, so my friends if found their website still exists a lot of garbage outside the chain, to fall in love with the sea webmaster tools above refused to! So standing outside the chain to do? I and you said 2 notes.

here you can have some friends who wonder what is the diversity of the

related inbound links

: the first station diversity link

! The original



refers to a link diversity: anchor text, hyperlinks, plain text, want to do, don’t just do the anchor text link! I believe that most of the Shanghai dragon know the anchor text to the importance of the rankings, so many of my friends will think, so is the anchor text ranking may be more? The first friend into this misunderstanding, in fact, is not to say that the more the anchor text ranking is good, it is easy to search engine that you are optimized, so we do stand outside the link to try to avoid this problem, try to be natural, that is to say, our anchor text to do, but also focus on doing, but plain text and hyperlinks will be reproduced here, I’ll give you a percentage of the anchor text chain accounted for 80%, plain text and hyperlinks chain each accounted for an additional 10%. to Is not all external links to the home page, also have some points to the inside pages, so it becomes relatively more natural, but also make the inside pages we have in this ranking, one might ask? This will not lead to weight dispersion of the home page, the home page ranking drop this? The problem did not need to worry about, because your inbound links are pointing to the home page, don’t worry about your pages, the chain here just want you a few points to the content page and

! link?

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