Questions about GGADS charging PN codeAnalyzing how to make a bid is rewarded

PIN shlf1314 Adsense code is used to confirm the payment of a verification code, because many owners do not receive PIN code, very helpless, to account money cannot be charged here to introduce several time may lead to PIN code does not receive the normal and PIN code. Only by personal experience and personal experience, if there is a mistake, please correct me. If you have this kind of business, you can contact me at the bottom of the article.

2, the product is suitable for the business given the profit on the bidding, such as a product business given the Commission allows you to generate profit, can be put in; if the bidding has been running at a loss, whether should pay attention to. If every time on the loss is not serious or guaranteed, if you hold on the bidding and bidding learning psychology, proposed to continue to launch, because the auction to pay some; if the loss is very serious, we can not take money to joke.

2 promotion channels for similar products.

2, and the corresponding flow of webmaster cooperation.

this is a personal point of view, welcome criticism, welcome to reprint, interested in reprint, please indicate the articles from 980401 thank you kiss xingmin.

auction products are: 1, the team sold a large area of products, known as CJ or CB model; 2, personal sales of a single product.

first PIN code by shlf1314 Adsense generated in the computer, computer generated between PIN and sent to the United States post office mail with a delivery time, the preliminary estimate is 3 days, may be slightly longer 1-2 days, PIN code sent to the post office, according to the address then sealed after sorting mail flying aircraft to the post office of international mail processing center in China, the preliminary estimate of time about 2-3 days, arrived in the mail center in China after the staff after sorting by transfer to car mail by 5 marking meaning: popular to say that the post selection of one of the most rapid and convenient postal route is generally this is the middle of the Provincial Bureau, the estimated time of about 2-3 days, arrived at the capital of the Council, the staff will refine the sorting, choose the delivery office address shipped, if you are in the capital city Bureau might receive. PIN time in 10 days, if the capital in the city below, then after processing to the Council and the County Council, the area, the delivery time is 2-3 days, after the staff of translation and sorting after sent to the customer hands. due to the unequal, each of the PUC workload and PIN is the surface form, may be in the City Council is to put pressure, time and processing finally sent to the customer estimated time is 14-23 days, why the middle 8 days so long? Because we need some time to the county or Region Bureau Bureau I, is the PUC, so only to explain to this.

normal PIN code should be charged in 10-23 days, the time is determined by the processing speed around the Post Office Postal Bureau Center to decide. The following analysis, why some of the webmaster can not receive PIN, and some quickly received the PIN code reasons.

on this product bidding, you need to launch a small flow test, test success, to increase the flow of efforts to make more cash.

was the first to introduce myself, I’m engaged in part-time Wangzhuan GG and sh419 collection on behalf of the registered PIN service, regular work unit is the post office. Below is GG PIN and the main site long time not received a post PIN analysis for everyone to do the analysis, only work with business experience for me to talk about, for the first time in the A5.

4, soft text. Soft text is soft advertising, writing is not like advertising advertising. A valuable soft text will be reprinted by numerous webmaster, the power can make your product has continued sales momentum;

investments and returns include the following:

two, individual independent product bidding.

3, when the product for the Alliance Program, can be registered ID, kiss Xingmin suggest to set up their own sales team. Specific operation depends on everyone’s savvy, because you do not need to register with ID and other business disputes, you manage your ID, businesses under these ID commission. How to distribute the Commission, you and your small sales team to discuss decisions, in the network does not appear negative information as the principle;

, a team for sales of CJ or CB mode products, kiss Xingmin suggest you put on the bidding must pay attention to the following points:

1, through the bidding test of this product at the same time gradually familiar with shlf1314 bidding, in the future into other products will be able to start immediately;

, the first GG didn’t send PIN or forget it at all. I haven’t tested it yet, but it probably does exist, because many clients have applied for 3 times

here again, some customers even if 23 days did not receive, then after the retransmission, why haven’t received? There are 2-3 cases, ~

1 investment and return.

1, search the corresponding station, analyze the pertinence and authenticity of the traffic. If the target can meet your requirements, it is recommended to buy monthly advertising;

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