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is worse, which is regarded as a "bad mother for example, in order to complete an important project can no children" women will make people feel their love for work; and those who are regarded as "good mother" women, is considered.

investors may not realize it, but they will always take the female entrepreneurs and his wife do, "she explained," when investors really like us, we will try, we will communicate with each other, sometimes we want to swear but will be restrained, the reason is that we want to get where the money from the investors, it will treat them so well."

in fact, is very common in the venture capital fund and the circle of this phenomenon: according to the Facebook Managing on the Bias Management bias "research shows that if women in their resume publicly that he wanted to" mother ", so their employment opportunities will be discounted, and even being recruited, business owners are given the wages are not high.

Tang Yan said that people who are alone and have a strong social desire are typical users of unfamiliar streets. Sina Technology Zhang Nan

Abstract: in fact, very common in the venture capital fund and the circle of this phenomenon: according to the Facebook Managing on the Bias Management bias "research shows that if women in their resume publicly that he wanted to" mother ", so their employment opportunities will be greatly reduced

"I had decided to do LBS based social applications. Because such products are not successful in foreign countries prototype, we have no place to copy." Tang Yan said, even if there are foreign countries, due to the great cultural gap, European and American products may not be suitable for Chinese people.

is not a case in point. In fact, according to more extensive data, women will find things that are not recognized in business and work places. Wearable tech clothing company CEO · William said, Anya.; in order to enable investors to help her company to take off, when communicating with them in their hiding the fact of pregnancy, because she was really worried about men’s risk investors do not agree with her entrepreneurial determination.

The experience of Dove in

unexpected start,


also shared a text message with a venture capitalist whose "traditional" venture capitalists expressed their distrust of female entrepreneurs in text messages:

"investors, you should know that my wife and you only the same is sex," she wrote, "you need to know is now sitting in front of you do roadshow women is an entrepreneur — we and other ordinary people is completely different."

since 1949, the moral relationship between strangers has been destroyed, and strangers and strangers need to be on guard against each other. It’s easy to say hello when you see a person from abroad." He concluded that the Chinese were generally introverted and were not particularly willing to socialize with people in public. At the same time, China’s urban density is the first in the world, but also based on the social products of nearby people have a survival basis.

2011, Tang Yan feels the time has come. He left his job as editor in chief of the NetEase. At that time, the mobile Internet has just started, large companies have not yet fully force, start-up companies still have opportunities, a little later, the opportunity will be missed.

, however, the street has not met the line has encountered setbacks. When the first version is submitted to App Store >

is one of many media chiefs, Tang Yan was the most favorite mobile phone is NOKIA E712010, is "late" on iPhone. He began to experiment with all kinds of social applications, especially LBS based social applications, street, NetEase, eight parties.. But he is not satisfied with these social applications.

"I have a long exposure to the Internet. In the early days of the Internet, the more important people in my life met through the Internet."." Tang Yan of sina technology, Internet social networking has been on his very large, but came to Beijing in the Internet industry after BBS, it is difficult to start a community, to meet new friends.

twists and turns, unfamiliar street from the river garden villa moved to the new office of Beijing China World Trade Center Wantong center. This new office decoration has a startup rare fresh and chic, main tone and unfamiliar street is almost identical to APP blue.



is an important social tool, but you think how long have you met through stranger? "Said Tang Yan, with your new friends are likely to be working with you, learn about the people, are people in your social circle. Know the stranger, expand new social circle channels no, not because you do not have this desire, but now the channel is not reliable.

"these apps don’t solve one of the simplest problems: if we all live in this hotel, it has to be able to get to know each other and be able to socialize." Tang Yan says.

, a female technology entrepreneur, has extensive experience with Dove. The world’s technology sector is investing billions of dollars. As for the gender debate is very simple: some men always think it is difficult to get rid of the risk of investors who would frame inherent gender women believe that its own business woman? Men want women to stay at home xiangfujiaozi. Of course, in this context, it also hinders women’s development on the road to entrepreneurship.

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