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prime minister personally site, let the public venture, the highly innovative idea in this year is popular, while the domestic various hackerspaces also have set up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain.

however, when the American concept and form in China when things are just unfolding, wisdom, the exotic in continuous localization at the same time, already some modification. In the name of innovation, there have been signs of a bundle of business. At the same time more interesting is that now around the creation of passenger space behind, has shown a real estate developers game. What the hell is that,


at the same time, the same as hackerspaces, the difference between the original version and the Chinese, what impact this will have on the different Chinese entrepreneurs? This is the theme of the wisdom of things today.

create a space behind the real estate game

in more than a year’s time, a lot of real estate developers and passenger space have a close connection. For example, former senior vice president of Vanke Mao Daqing Office jointly launched the "similar to the U.S. WeWork Hugo factory", August 2014 Liu Yang persuaded Lei get along as the Fund led 100 million yuan investment in the established "office, business, life and entertainment" one of the YOU+ business community, Beijing Zhongguancun Venture Street many cafes, tea shop.

perhaps I have these places inside the creative works of popular and entered the venture Road hit off a friend, but this does not mean that all have the special function of the office or the AC field is off the record space. The strange thing is that a lot of media in the report is to create a real estate developers passenger space, and the developers did not specifically clarify.

, according to industry sources, this year held in Shenzhen hit off a week behind, in fact, also staged a mediation between a real estate show, last year Shenzhen MakerFaire site provider is Vanke, this year due to various reasons, is a company called Shenzhen Investment Holdings Company outright, resulting in before the start of the event in January within the requirements to participate in the site of the incubator, venture cafe and other decoration business, the end is very hasty.

and we also heard that in Xi’an, Nanjing and other places, should be difficult to continue to survival mode, operation is difficult to maintain the situation, finally because developers "shot", providing a venue for funds, active again. At present, real estate developers and the local government has become a real push around maxspace, but behind the driving force but perhaps investment, performance engineering objective.

perhaps, these places called government report made public space is more appropriate. Create space, innovation and entrepreneurship, the combination of online and offline, incubation and investment combined to provide entrepreneurs with work space, network space, social space and resource sharing space.


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