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Dear members of alliance

website to make money, there are tens of thousands of ways, many people even heard of, have not heard of, today released a show for everyone to see.

 : in the case of the difficult operation of e-commerce websites and the failure of many excellent e-commerce websites, one of my friends’ junk e-commerce websites has already made a profit. Why? Note that this is not brainteasers, e-commerce sites, e-commerce site is very garbage garbage junk, is that no clear positioning, no specific group of users, have their own distinct characteristics, large, completely imitate the kind of ali. Can this junk site make a profit? Many people scoff and listen to me:

the electronic commerce website is the so-called B2B platform, is a completely free, free registration, free information, free of charge. How can a free website make a profit? Is it advertising? No

this free resources, link.265  www.taobaowang  www.3tom  also can search for free login, included pages, free release. Add.asp and so on, e-commerce site general traffic is not big, but the effect is good, a day free to pull 2000 IP, you can earn 200.

in search, can also pay attention to

1, his website has been included in the major search engines, which almost every site can do without spending money.

2 his website is also popular because it’s free.

3, so his website update faster, users publish each message is equivalent to updated once.

4, so his site is more attention to search engines, and some search engines included more than ten million pages.

1 is included in the search engine hundreds of thousands of pages are enterprise information

2 will log on to these pages when searching for keywords related to the enterprise
3, these keywords are closely related to the marketing of the enterprise
4, these keywords aren’t hot keywords

5, so you can row to the front of the search results

6, so it won’t cause the attention of search engine, won’t be K

7, so the search results are good, and businesses don’t have to pay for search engines

8 they have achieved better marketing results, and they are willing to pay for this effect



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