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earlier, the new third board market also appeared financial fraud issues

recently, the media exposed, easy home financing amount and the amount of publicly claimed financing over ten million yuan gap.

Ballmer out before the weekend sends their outgoing mail messages in public, big guy said it was a "sad and difficult" decision "for the interests of the company, he decided to transfer power to a" can play a role in the long-term transformation of Microsoft in CEO". At the same time, he also said that "he was prepared to Microsoft transformation in more than half of the time to leave," but has "no better than now" time to say goodbye. Wall Street’s response was positive, with Microsoft’s stock up 9%, sweeping the decline from Q2’s earnings release.

easy home, lied about the amount of financing, whether it will affect the listing of the new three board, you need to further confirm the stock transfer system. Perhaps, as Cai Wensheng once said, the enterprises that falsely report the amount of financing are self abased and immature.

home easily the forerunner of "easy home" was founded in 2013, is Shenzhen Tuoyuan Tianchuang Industrial Development Co. Ltd’s home appliance service brand 020. Originally just a home appliance maintenance, repair, recycling, and other new home services Ordinary company, but because of Eric Tsang’s vote and endorsement, since the application for listing since it attracted attention.

2014, 2015, 2016 1-10 months, easy home, net profit of -211.69 yuan, -6113 yuan, -2701 yuan. From the gross margin data, the easy home in 2015 gross margin was 67.71%, which means that the company basically do is "lose money trading"; 2016 gross margin from negative to positive, only 0.04%.

thus, easy home, lack of money can be seen, listing three new board to broaden financing channels is a necessary choice.

February 28th, Shenzhen easy home, Polytron Technologies Inc hereinafter referred to as "easy home" to apply for new three board listing.

Ballmer, speaking about his contribution to Microsoft in the mail, avoided share prices, referring to Microsoft’s surge in sales. Looking back at the leadership of Ballmer for 13 years, this map can be seen very clearly. Microsoft’s sales have doubled two in the face of continued weakness in share prices. This is why although Ballmer criticized, but the board has no reason to fire the stubborn CEO. At the same time, Ballmer has an inspired passage such as the acquisition of Skype and Xbox, the game’s success. Ballmer, the biggest flaw is unable to complete the transition to the mobile terminal. Meanwhile, critics say Ballmer failed to lead Microsoft and made significant innovations in desktop systems, cloud computing and enterprise services.

July 24, 2015, easy to get home announced the $11 million A round of financing, by Xiang Feng investment, light letter capital and former Tencent electricity supplier CEO Wu Xiaoguang investment. The public transfer instructions and easy home show, July 2015, September, home easily conducted two rounds of capital increase, according to the exchange rate over the same period, two times increase in A round of financing after a total cost of about $8 million 600 thousand, the amount of $11 million of the amount of financing than the difference is $2 million 400 thousand.

is understood to be easily home, previously announced as "millions of users" or "more than 650 thousand"". The public transfer prospectus shows that the number of registered users is 489 thousand.

three of the subscription amount, add up to 28 million yuan. And the company claims the amount of 50 million yuan, a difference of 22 million yuan.

33 years of faithful service is that the capital market not worth the money, the result is cruel. Sina’s colleagues turned out to be a big guy in television commercials to sell Windows videos to pay tribute to the veteran. Some media outlets have moved out of Jobs’s quotes, saying: "sales leaders, technology companies are disastrous, unlike technical staff, they never know what’s going on."". However, it is this consistently correct Jobs, firmly put the operation of the birth of Cook pushed to the front desk.

, "without innovation," is also the biggest criticism Apple’s current CEO Cook has taken since taking over. The supply chain for apple made distinctions won in battle before COO and took office after Apple’s sales doubled, he served as each generation of iPhone sales, has obtained the sum before the sales of iPhone. Resourceful Cook also persuaded Foxconn to improve the treatment of workers Chinese, help Apple removed the "do not pay attention to China market" label, including "customer service discrimination" and "iPhone shock" after the incident, Apple released a new policy for the first time Chinese consumers. The latest news shows that apple and China Mobile reached an agreement, the world’s largest operators began to sell seven hundred million of its iPhone users.

January 2016, relaxed home, once again announced the "50 million yuan A+ round of financing," by the storm capital lead, Hengtai capital, Eric Tsang and cast". The transfer of the book shows that after this round of financing in March 2016, the company was once the capital increase, the thunderstorm dream, Eric Tsang Xinghan Hengtai, respectively 12 million 400 thousand yuan, 10 million yuan, 5 million 600 thousand yuan price subscription.

capital markets do not buy these, two years ago, known as breaking through $1000, Apple’s share price fell below $400. Apple was pulled several times from its market capitalisation. In the last years of Jobs, new products were brought to market every year. Consumers have used this surprise as a habit. However, many people ignore <

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