Talk about a few experience Amoy a monthly income of 1000Dark horse League update notification!

everybody is the guest, should know the background there is a new group of Amoy promotion button, I would like to ask the guest whether brothers take advantage of this promotion group? The promotion group is a good use of space, I started just like everyone casually add items to the promotion in the group, but did not feel right, is always less what this added to do promotion, but their hearts are less copies of the data, what is the data? Thought, is a variety of different forms of different styles of promotion code, Amoy background there can be what kind of product you want to promote choice then, what kind of products can choose from high to low, from high to low commission Commission, from the promotion of many products to promote the products from much less percent commission many percent commission from The total amount of commission is more than that of the general expenditure. Then, each pair is added to the group accordingly. Group name should also play the same name as you arranged, it is good to analyze the corresponding data, so that the heart has several. Then use your assigned group products for a landmine bombing.

is coming along the way of other people’s experience. Chinese people have a very good characteristic, that is, to learn from the lessons of predecessors, to follow the foreign cultural characteristics, I think this is very good. But you have to know how to follow and know him, to suck him up, and then to break him, and to sublimate him. And then the distribution of good before the promotion group, combined with the promotion of knowledge of kicking analysis, >

1, sh419 Post Bar, blog, forum, promotion, teach you unbeatable

is pleased to inform you that the dark horse alliance has upgraded its system!

time flies from the first contact guest up to now has been 10 days, according to the experience of predecessors, step by step, there is something to recommend out but unfortunately recommended out are few hair one or two blocks, the Commission is very low, very uncomfortable commodity price is of course low, because it has a light

Thanks to the consistent support all

dark horse is to upgrade the alliance to the majority of owners to provide more convenient service, better quality of service, after the upgrade if you encounter what problem, please contact customer service with us; the dark horse alliance to operate in the future, we will provide more quality products, will also introduce more preferential policies, and grow up together the webmaster, please wait!

many people use YAHOO that "to do promotion, but also some brothers with Taobao blog to promote it, but in the sh419 Post Bar promotion and so on will encounter domain name does not allow the ban, you can buy some cheaper CN domain domain name to set, then the word" cool "! Whether you simple reason what people do not show no words. To buy a sh419 Post Bar crazy stick machine, with the post, the money is so easy, I also teach you the other means of promotion? These mass software will not have recommended, that I believe we can do this line of mass should be well known. Especially the basic shop where every family group. They do their site search optimization leading type SEO, are often concerned about sh419 Search Ranking according to sh419 keyword Search Ranking do their own web page of the SEO search optimization, so as to obtain directional flow.

in addition to changes in the login name, the rest of the operation is basically the same: apply for sh419 advertising, access to advertising code, statements, inquiries, billing, inquiries are consistent with the previous.

Dear members of alliance .

this upgrade, we put the dark horse sh419 Alliance sh419.heima8 and dark horse Alliance union.heima8 integrated into the same platform, unified operation.

in a black sh419 alliance before the user can direct log in Dark Alliance, login Username: username password into @bd, unchanged; for example:
you previously in a black sh419 Alliance sh419.heima8 user name: Taotao password: 123456

2, take different roads, abandon backward ideas, reform the new strategy "specializing in High Commission"


specific reference address: http://s.union.heima8/

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