nternet start-ups are risky and need to be carefully chosen partnersJoint office reshuffle, public

in the high-speed information age we often hear the sound business " ", of course, there are also some people who cry happy, business is good, but how entrepreneurship is difficult oh, so what is difficult where? Not that do things? Oh

but the short board of the joint office is also obvious. First of all, just wholesale retail, no further innovation; secondly, it is easy to change two landlords; finally, developers directly joint office, no difficulty.

from this point of view, the joint office will be the same as BP, further upgrade the transition after a short period of prosperity, otherwise you will be merging or shuffle.


, by contrast, the development of space to help entrepreneurs do more work. In most spaces, they offer creative education and entrepreneurial services.

should be said that the future of joint office will gradually be replaced with a creative education and entrepreneurial services to replace the public space.


and decisive, bold and crafty

future joint office will exist for a long time, but this year the joint office will enter the reshuffle – only Real Estate Company, a joint office or a handful of national brands will survive, the rest will become dust.

joint office for double meaning, is the equivalent of a revolution, it tells us that when we break the traditional barriers, business office can reduce business costs at the same time, also get rich income. However, the overall thinking it is still the landlord rental behavior, with the start of the promotion, will also encounter more challenges.

from 2013 May to begin formal his entrepreneurial career, I was into the Internet industry in 2010. It was also a coincidence, because the loose blog, which I write me in front of a "a moronic young man entrepreneurial path " in here I will not say more.

, of course, only to find their own businesses, this is not the focus of my focus should be placed in the above judgment and decision for my own career, this is my business to do other things, you can find your partner or someone else to do OK, I want to do is to understand the market demand, mining market, overall control, so as to enable each entrepreneurial team to maximize the value, no distractions are easier to do one thing. Here may have almost three problems above give an overview, of course, entrepreneurship is 100 times the pay ratio to work effort will have a return, others sleep your work, others and his wife and children are a family of three family chat at the same time as you work. If you’re ready, look at the following,

can not be denied that the Silicon Valley garage startup has given us too many entrepreneurial inspiration, the subsequent WeWork joint office and Zhongguancun garage coffee brings us more imagination to entrepreneurship, freeing our minds.

, first of all, in Genesis

is now a lot of entrepreneurs friends as long as a venture of two words "no" think "no money" and "no business" in fact this is a wrong idea, you see he knows MA program? See how to understand! But now that Master network, entrepreneurship is on look, you may not be a perfect man, remember that no one is perfect, so I also want to start to start, I do not know what, SEO is not proficient, program will not write, nor PS, nor connections I how to start it! Of course, I prepare their own business when the direction of their own is to have a position, it said I was in 2010 to enter the Internet in the early, I also own the school website, learning all kinds of knowledge to enrich themselves, improve their professional skills, but now it seems that These are not very important factors.

2, the public space and then upgrade


but the rapid growth of the start-up industry, the current public space has also been unable to keep up with the pace of entrepreneurs. The re creation of the space has been overwhelming.

third: good coordination skills,

!I am

BP pager short history, let us increase the desire for mobile communication; feature phone from prosperity to decline, the mobile era of enlightenment; similarly, the joint office trend of rapid rise, but also like a pager, feature phone, upgrade.

Abstract: Joint Office for double meaning, is the equivalent of a revolution, it tells us that when we break the traditional barriers, business office can reduce business costs at the same time, for the same income

then, a series of joint office enterprises turned out. They let the threshold of entrepreneurship suddenly drop to the point where every ordinary person can try, and at the same time let more ordinary people have the opportunity to engage in business and understand entrepreneurship. In this regard, the joint office is very important for the positive role of dual. Moreover, the joint office at the time with idle factories or offices, revitalize the resources at the same time, but also activated the entrepreneurial market.

1, joint office into the shuffle period

first: you must have a good eye for

fourth: integration of human resources

Zhang Kaikai will start on the network to publish my own view! May his experience and network big coffee than it is "cottage house, see" a little "class make tiger", how do you say

today I’m going to sort out some of the ideas I’ve made in my own business: it’s roughly divided into four steps,

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