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Line in the past year, the United States market new users only 13 million, has also been temporarily settled in China, but has been unable to use, the completion of the IPO Line, will help expand the U.S. market for a long time.

, I am a software download site manager, has long been engaged in the management of the site. The website has been a low volume of visits, but the download traffic is very large. This problem has been bothering us for a long time. All know that this is caused by the post, but has been unable to find the source of post. We hate to steal, always pay attention to outside websites have not post our website to download software, but did not find what. Until one day, I heard that the thunder download speed is very fast, out of curiosity on the next trial, and sure enough to download soon. And then use the network interception tool to view exactly why so fast thunder, see transmission content, found that the thunder can simultaneously in multiple server to download the same software, just began to admire the thunder of creative developers, but think carefully, it is not illegal to steal? This problem has become very serious.

here to explain my research that thunderbolt download mode. When downloading a software, the thunder will send this link to the thunder server, find links to other Internet links similar to this link, including HTTP and FTP servers and other personal terminals. But personal end-to-end speed is usually low, so the main source of bandwidth comes from other HTTP and FTP servers on the web. And the collection of these information is downloaded by the user using thunderbolt, and then get the unique check code of each download link file, upload to the thunderbolt server to do the collation. In this way, the thunderbolt server will have a huge table of the same link on the Internet for download from the browser. Because the check code used, so even if the download file name is not the same, you can judge that the same file. It also explains why the thunderbolt is able to download some failed links because it can be downloaded from other servers.

out of the question, the other to let the thunder of the servers, is not allowed after web server. These HTTP and FTP servers are web sites that have their own web pages that require popularity and access. Thunder download, as long as the user to a web site to download, thunder server can provide the same file several other 10 download link, the user can download thunderbolt post several other 10 other sites! At the same time, each site with 5-10 threads to pull, can not speed up to the highest? But these stolen sites, in addition to contributing bandwidth, did not get access and popularity. In other words, as long as the thunder to download once, there will be 10 sites were stolen even. Thunder online hundreds of thousands of people, under the command of thunder thunder server, to become a large post system huge systems, have become a victim of the thunder of any website. Such a large post action, can not let people feel shocking? No wonder software downloads are getting worse and worse, and server bandwidth costs are getting more expensive. Most of the bandwidth to the thunder, and its own traffic is less than one of them. TOM and 163 websites actually encourage users to

"The Wall Street journal"

Line is the most popular instant messaging software in Japan, similar to WeChat in China, which allows users to call the Internet and send instant messages free of charge. Rely on the people, Steamed Buns Ni rabbit, Brown bear cartoon expression package Line Huobian Asia, ranked first in Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia Chinese instant chat software market, users in these areas accounted for Line of all active users in 2/3.

revealed, Line will issue 13 million new shares in Tokyo, issued 22 million new shares in New York, the parent company of South Korea’s Naver Corp will retain about 83% of the shares, the IPO is also expected to make Line valued at more than $5 billion 400 million.

, Japan’s instant messaging software operator Line announced in June 10th that it will be listed in Tokyo and New York on July 15th at Tokyo time. It is reported that Line hopes to raise $1 billion. -20 billion of funds through the IPO initial public offering in two places.

, however, the valuation of $5 billion 400 million, compared with July 2014, when Line first prepared for the Tokyo IPO, 1 trillion yen about 9 billion 900 million U.S. dollars, almost half of the valuation. Significant shrinkage in valuations reflects the severe challenges Line faces in expanding subscriber base and developing new markets, while reflecting the current market enthusiasm for technology companies IPO has cooled.

, the Tokyo stock exchange and the New York stock exchange all approved Line’s IPO on Friday June 10th. The Line’s guidance price is 2800 yen per share, and 112 billion 700 million yen $1 billion 50 million will be raised in Tokyo, Bloomberg reported, citing an offering by IPO, Line.

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Research Institute NLI Research Institute chief economist Ajima Yasuji Yasuhide Yajima said, "in Japan.

reported that the number of active users per month has been as high as 218 million, but compared to WeChat, which has 762 million active users each month and 2 billion of Facebook, Line is far behind its competitors. Line. Line in the past year, the United States market new users only 13 million, has also been temporarily settled in China, but has been unable to use, the completion of the IPO Line, will help expand the U.S. market for a long time.

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