How to develop offline and offlines extreme League good faith or cheating


my account has not paid 60 cents, to pay 100 to the staff union. My account can also do League pop-up ads.


line team some widely Wangzhuan friends understand and be familiar with, or about 3 months later, this time how to deal with the line is more important, because this time is offline when the development of the line of the start, you should teach him how to develop offline, which method is most effective. When to do offline page or blog you want to provide help as much as possible. Downline downline is your income, you should grasp.

to tell you the truth, advertising returns are ok. My ad style 255, bottom right corner float CPC ad. The friend who has done this advertisement will know that they have a fork in the top right corner of the floating advertisement. Everyone knows what the use of × is. It is closed.

make a lot of friends today alone to struggle, and his own line never contacted, when they are confused, on the road in Wangzhuan confused, how can you hope on-line and contact, discussion. This confused period I believe that all members have experienced, so how to deal with the line is an important topic in wangzhuan. How to treat the

1, from the people around you with your friends, relatives and friends of the students, if the people around you can see you through the Wangzhuan profit, they will also join Wangzhuan of this group, and these are your first line


story is like this, why my title is honesty or cheat? The key is the floating ads for the ×, such as × click on the pop-up ads; active address, not too much like billing, said I cheat too much, but the fact is to click the × after the closure of the floating ads no ads, pop-up. Is it a fraud or a fraud against the advertiser? Is my punishment the so-called good faith, the protection of the advertiser’s interests, or is there another purpose?


the following is to show off the assembly line:

later, another customer service with my , I recommend to the union of pop, I do find pop, especially love Ultimate Alliance pop-up ads, in the pop-up window, and a back shells, too annoying, a window is enough much shortage, but the total customer service mm to M I, I also registered an account, the limit of CPC advertising alliance.

, group. Now can imagine how many users are online, there are special mass software, you can ask your friends bulk materials; can also add some groups, then send these materials to the group or the group members; you can also use the message authentication information to others about these chat rooms; it is also a good choose. In short, your purpose is to let these people come into contact with these Wangzhuan information, let more people to join the group to

there are a lot of webmasters doing or doing extreme League advertising. I’ve done it before and haven’t done it now.

now, if I want to account for the 60 ovo, will be their pop ads, otherwise is rotten. It’s kind of like rape,

in line just joined at the beginning of the line, because do not know much about this website, at this time they are most in need of help when. So you gave them to help, they will thank you from the heart, will also bring enthusiasm to their future work. Of course, with the on-line increase, you may not respond promptly to them, but not in time does not reply. Not only is responsible for the line, and when offline achievements have to really blessed them, for them. Because of their success, it means that you have achieved. Otherwise, if you turn a blind eye to the development of their downline, downline how long do? Your income has come from?


that day when I was browsing my website, the floating billboard blocked the contents and closed it several times. I really didn’t know it was cheating, but in the end I didn’t know whether I was because I was blocked or not, and my IP really went up that day, and it was going up every day. The reason they gave me was data anomalies. I closed the × myself; without ten times, the data will be abnormal, the technology is too strict,

3, bulk mail. Have you noticed that your mailbox will often receive some rather baffling letter, this is the charm of mail promotion, now there are many online mail search group software, e-mail group software letter very fast, every hour can send 50000 letters. You can use the "tiger billion mail software" in the exploration of scanning master, master, master software such as search to find a large number of e-mail address, and then use the mass mailing software master, postman send out your web links and information, my personal email address proved this its own propaganda effect was found very good! Once again remind you, don’t > sender column


then I look for customer service, there are not many reasons, and now can not give you recovery, and so on after the amount of CPC advertising when again,

long ago, at sh419 knows the limit, registered with a friend’s name, transferred to me by a friend, advertising site, received two times money. Then for some reason receiving more trouble, wanted to change his name, the reason is to limit the service owners interests, in order to account for your safety, please show their identity documents, I have to fix the field, when they pass, wait until the answer is unable to change, do you earlier what ah! But the account disabled, the same domain name cannot be used to repeat registration. The technique is too strict,

When the

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