Several mobile phone ringtone song League evaluationWhat’s the schedule for BAT’s online education

      a new alliance developed in figure wangdage station invested huge advertising expenses after the establishment of more than half a year, relatively rapid development, several famous stations are linked to its song code. Can be seen how much the promotion of the alliance?.

two services is the front-end electronic classroom and back-end courses trading platform, with these two services, you can meet the needs of consumers and settled in the most basic needs of the teaching side.

two classes are taught including educational institutions, schools and individuals and students, that is, sellers and buyers.

2, the background is not perfect, only back to dial the mobile phone number and the number of minutes, and the number of the song did not submit. Let me not know exactly how many songs a day goes out through me.

Taobao itself is a trading platform and operating platform, so Ali’s online education needs to be strengthened is the electronic classroom, that is, teaching tools link. Therefore, after the establishment of Ali life Services Division Taobao students, the first thing is to launch Ali Wangwang’s Taobao Student Edition, to reinforce the tool link.

    did the song alliance webmaster friends all know, in order to get the proceeds to go through the following aspects from the song in the league. First of all, on your site visitors through where you stand on the song alliance code for friends song operation; then his friend after receiving the message to call back to the last alliance according to the number of minutes, commission back to you accordingly.

 :   League shortcomings: 1, the alliance has the most junk management background I’ve ever seen! And from time to time can not open, depressed!

Taobao students fastest progress, and play the most clear: offline business completely thrown out, specializing in online education, and basically complete the platform infrastructure;

understood this, and we knew what BAT was missing.


1.BAT online education is very similar to play: closed loop service platform.

      I have been doing some mobile phone ringtones IVR song in the league, almost a few larger song Union made a few times, so the League song effect and profit also have some of their own experience, now write out and share with you.

2., Ali’s Taobao classmate: the fastest progress.

specific circumstances, please see below:

it is worth talking about, Taobao students play very focused, in last month, Taobao students will offline course sales out, focusing on online education platform. In the words of Pei Binfeng, the head of Taobao’s classmate, "what Taobao students do is an online learning platform.".

sh419’s online education is tied with educational keyword advertising, although it is also building a service platform, but in fact, everything to the financial flow of view, belonging to the most commercial flavor;

it is understood that Taobao students assessment criteria is not the volume of transactions, but users and traffic. Electronic business platform does not test water, but >

2, front desk interface with GIF animation, highlighting the free words. Think more thoughtful.

, sh419, Tencent and Ali layout online education is no secret, then, these three are now playing what schedule,


Penguin Jun I understand the situation, although three are in the direction of the closed-loop service platform, but progress is different, the specific situation is:

  so the key to improve the income of the song can grasp the above points. A code, to seduce attractive, visit your site users to friends. Two, the song sent to the visitors on the mobile phone messages to be attractive, to let him have the desire to call back. Only at least do these two points, you can have the income, below I will for several mobile phone ringtone song alliance published my own personal opinion.

      Alliance advantages: 1, the song is very nice, when the song song who don’t need to enter the verification code, the page is not like the other league song written standard, can induce the netizen song. The song ended with the method of pop-up to inform their successful song song. It’s very humane.

, and since it is a closed loop platform, naturally everything depends on itself, and BAT needs to do four basic things: finding two types of people and providing two services.

, but the above statement applies only to entrepreneurs, for BAT, three online education will be very similar to the way, that is, closed loop teaching platform, because this is the only suitable for their volume of play.

  3, customer service MM extremely considerate. And China Mobile’s MM have a spell!


Internet companies how to play education, the industry veteran will tell you can have all kinds of patterns, what video teaching, community, examination questions, open classes, and of course, the legendary O2O.

Tencent lags behind, is still in the teaching tool R & D phase, related platform construction is the slowest, marketing is just beginning.

  4, timely remittance, support almost all banks to pay, this is not all the Union do, most alliances are limited with the industrial and Commercial Bank of China Merchants Bank card or the card, the Alliance Bank support more!

91ivr Alliance: http://s.union.91ivr

several mobile phone ringtone song alliance complete evaluation

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