Why is Fab able to finance $105 million Previous life factors are indispensableMonth profit 20 thous


1 optimize the first step, a good domain name allows you to work with half the effort:

webmaster has 5 years, all these years has been trying to write what, get the power to let more like me confused webmaster, find some practical experience, here today to share some of their ideas, since it is practical certainly will involve the station, if you think I was too soft can skip url: well, or talk about business.



account: when the monthly GG high 3k, low 1K. my GG optimization method: just put a 250 ad on the content page

in the Wall Street journal. Its CEO Jason Goldberg confirmed the news in a blog post.

said domain name is so important, how to choose, personal Adsense best to optimize the angle to think, because we are poor ah. As I now apply for the small game station domain name: www.tom4399 optimization 4399, sh419 index is 44150, very good? And especially easy to remember? Why do you want to understand this to understand?. On 2008 my domain name is important because the local harbor jumped into the "Chenzhou" is a word of sh419 home before three, I in this not how optimization under the condition of the easy access to the sh419 home page in front of the first page of the station is about 10 of the local power station!!, but in the six months to someone find a set of advertising 2000 yuan / month, another website / Web site optimization business every two months can bring about 3 single, did not earn the money I can learn about the Chenzhou network www.chenzhou5 to see the domain name is Chenzhou Pinyin + a 5 similar to adm>

less than 8 months, Fab’s valuation rose from $600 million to $200 million, while the amount of financing rose from $40 million to $105 million. Why are investors so fond of the design website,

Fab, a creative design flash company, recently received $105 million in financing, according to




for the 9 digit financing, Jason Goldberg performance is very modest: "we have been low-key, doing things, and we got a huge sum of money this time.". We are glad that we can do something we like every day, and bring happiness to the user through a series of designs. This financing will allow Fab to get better development, which for us is not only opportunities, but also a responsibility, we will attach great importance to."

In addition,

may have something to do with her previous existence. Fab was a gay social networking site before the transition, and many of the best designers were members of the gay community. And the transformation of Fab although a certain degree of inconvenience to gay people, but it also brings a platform to show the talent for the talented designer because, in the transformation of these designers will realize that Fab has become his / her own field site, when Fab fame up will naturally think of their products at the top. .

domain of this application was originally used to do what we think we know, ha ha, it once took 3 months to have income, then I thought if the domain name is a related Au or JWT related domain name I have been drifting red dance mission station. See my income is eye shine:

2007: I applied for a www.9seo.org domain in Qianmo doing audition see the friends of profit is very good, so the use of a piece of their own website optimization bullheadedness began ranking dance dance, dance and plug-in PW, Download word. In order to get a good ranking, I tried to optimize the rankings, exchange links updated every day, but has been poor results. Ranking is not as good as their own ideal: "dance corps" word, I have been unable to steady access to the first page, of course, has repeatedly entered the top three, only a short one or two days. Of course, it has earned me about 30 thousand yuan of income.

has taken over the plug-in and private media advertising through the Admin5 intermediary, estimated to be around 3000 yuan because of the reasons for ranking first.

‘s results are now in line with TechCrunch’s previous revelations. Through the C round of financing, Fab received a total of $105 million investment, and its valuation has reached $600 million. Goldberg pointed out that the launch of the Atomico Ventures can help companies improve the reputation of the international market. The company raised $160 million in December for $40 million in B rounds and early investments.

interestingly, a month ago, TechCrunch editor Alexia Tsotsis broke the news that the company would raise $100 million for a $700 million valuation. He pointed out at the time that the Vc firms Atomico Ventures in London was interested in investing $50 million in Fab, while Fab’s existing investors would follow up to $25 million.

is also related to the number of users and sales performance of this website. Over the past 11 months, Fab has sold 1 million items, with an average of 2.6> per minute


SP alliance had a record $150 a day when income was high. my method is: pick a new product / service / new alliance,

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