The successful formula, technology, thinking and ability analysis of Network EntrepreneurshipThinkin


in any way, what type of Taobao guest website does, first of all, to provide valuable things. A Taobao guest website, some people say that my selling point is the commodity, some people say that my selling point is content, and some people will say that my selling point is personality, but I want to say is that our website’s biggest selling point is service. Yes, I think the site of such a platform like a restaurant or a clothing store, you not only provide products, is not only a consumer space, if you can provide customers with professional and consumer advice, you sell is healthy and nutritious meal guide, you sell clothing is reasonable collocation. So I think website is also a service industry, we sell services, and earn repeat customers. Therefore, we have to provide differentiated services, to retain users, so that users like to come to your site, willing to share your site with friends.

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first understand Taobao earned entrepreneurial forums, how the whole network in the core system of Entrepreneurship: money making technology – money thinking – money making ability. Subdivide again, every day has the direction.

three earning power:

1, vertical segmentation: do any website, especially Taobao guest website, we want to segment, product segmentation, regional segmentation, functional segmentation, and so on. Start small, focus and go deeper, and you will feel small and beautiful.


a lot of people contact Taobao customer is sure to make money, do not need to purchase goods like Taobao shop, do not need when customer service, only need to promote their products out to get the Commission, seems to be the zero threshold of the industry. In fact, there are many people who know very little about the Internet or Taobao. They see the bright future and forget the twists and turns of the road. They tend to have an idealistic color.

money making technology:

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also does something about how to improve the earning power. Why do you often hear the word "EQ"?. It can be said to be comprehensive quality. Personally think that this is precisely the general network entrepreneurs ignored, or even lack of, ran >!

and some Adsense exchange, it is not difficult to find common Taobao customers site is still API and single page mode, as well as the imitation of social shopping guide mogujie, beautiful, often is because I want to make Taobao customers so the site promotion, around the Taobao customer website. So the first thing is to ask ourselves why people want to come to your website? Don’t API your website data can be greater than Taobao; secondly to ask myself what I can provide for others? In addition to product information can provide valuable and what others need something; once again asked what is worth others come to your website? What is the difference between the site and others, what are the advantages.

two money thinking:

1.1, site and SEO access to traffic. If for novice friends, do not think about the complexity of the site, or the pursuit of building a large and comprehensive station. Study on local Taobao video station station area forum can, explain in detail the wordperss program to upload, setting up keywords, add links to do post planting. Wordperss has a natural weight for search engines, and it’s OK to choose other open source programs like zblog. Well, thinking a bit further, not tight can do local Taobao, can also make their own products, do washing, change the key, so the control of this video to make a stand. SEO, and do not want to complex, BBS, the devil teacher has released the essence of the original, do SEO homework. Simplify again in a word, do originality, make good link. Release a good original article every day, or pseudo – good, do a good job in the chain, it is best to connect to the net. Then every day to send a few outside the chain, sh419 included you, or to 15 days or so, included you, and then go to the law of time to find friendship links. Lies in steadily advancing. Think of the complex, do too much, but the engine is angry, the consequences are very serious!

recently, the major webmaster forums and groups are discussing sh419 K station and how to deal with it next. When blaming others, we first self-examination, their website is not really what the user needs, or just to meet the search engine collection and flow realized?. We should understand that the website is not just for "spider" to see, content and user experience is the most important.

1.2, Taobao and e-commerce. Many IT celebrities have revealed that the Internet will be the world of e-commerce in the future. First go to the forum to learn the basic knowledge of the shop, such as certification, decoration, description, upload products and other technical heavy surface. Later than the internal strength, than the marketing ability, credibility will not be the most important. But now, every day to practice the credibility of the methods, skills, daily batch shelves products, this is also to steadily push forward, is not every day to do?.

, I believe there are many people who do the same as me, Taobao customers have not escaped the K station incident, I have complained, but also need to think about it, then talk about my own ideas.

how do we do Taobao?

why do we do Taobao customers,

forum, which describes how to exercise money thinking, there is an important sentence: life there are opportunities. Don’t look for the so-called Wangzhuan, occasionally see the school thinking can, but when you find the most is oil lamps dry. The use of reverse thinking analysis project, to analysis of life in the commercial example, to see the network of good advertising, thinking can get good exercise, you can’t use the terminal end. And then make sure you do exercises and publish an article every day. This is the best way to exercise and strengthen your mind. And then do traffic, the most important thing is good articles, two roles. So be sure to stick to it for at least fifteen days. Is there anything you’ve done,


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