ntelligent hardware Entrepreneurship suffered large companies rolling capital heat decline

[Abstract] over the past year, a lot of players in the field of intelligent hardware, entrepreneurs are generally concerned about the issue of the industry outlook and the attitude of the capital market in this area.


Tencent technology Wang Pan reported on September 18th

in Chinese intelligent hardware business industry, China is a rare "lucky".

bracelet or watch, in the past two years are the most common hardware products – simple technology, mature production. To the hundreds of Companies in the talent shows itself, China is lucky to seize the investment opportunities and the endorsement of millet, its products are named "millet Bracelet", with the price of 79 yuan sold over 10 million.

in September 16th, it launched an upgraded product Amazfit bracelet, priced at 299 yuan, and went to the star Gao Yuanyuan endorsement. For hardware startups, this is not a better start, but for most of the Chinese companies in the same period with the establishment of the company, they are in a bad time into a red sea.

to play the concept of creating gimmicks, advocating technological innovation, these companies have started in other areas of the situation, in the field of intelligent hardware is more than. However, as the capital market insight in this field, they had already started to become more rational, coupled with capital cold winter sound can be heard without end, many venture capital institutions may face the problem of funds raised. This means that many companies rely on the concept of play is difficult to get the next round of financing, will be quickly eliminated.

according to incomplete statistics Tencent technology, since 2015, the field of intelligent hardware to complete the 106 pen financing. Among them, the angel round has 44 pens, Pre-A round of the 5 pen, A round of the 43 pen, B round of the 13 pen, C round of the 1 pen. Among them, the angel of the turn of the A round a total of 92 pens, accounting for up to 86%. The only way to get C round of financing of intelligent hardware companies for innovation, the company completed in May this year, 75 million U.S. dollars of financing, the media said its valuation of up to $8 billion.

raise the threshold of small company

‘s business

seems to be a lot of practitioners, from 2014 to date, a large number of angels completed, Per-A or even A round of financing companies do not have the following is bound to happen. Even if a lot of companies do not completely disappear, will face layoffs, cut business lines and other pressures.

provides cloud services for intelligent Hard Suits Inc wit CEO cloud company of Tencent yellow burning technology said that the current field of intelligent hardware more successful companies are almost always insist on doing segments, focus on one place, only to meet the needs of a single consumer or enterprise, to provide products and services for its derivative.

however, even if the company is really doing things, can go to the B round, C round of financing companies are still very few. According to Tencent science and technology incomplete statistics, from 2014 to date, the completion of the angels turn A>

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