College students have high risk of entrepreneurship, over half of the 3 years, the withdrawal of ent

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TechWeb July 3rd news reports, the day before, Mycos Institute released the United Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in 2017 "China employment report" shows that college students in our country, the proportion of self employment rising for 5 consecutive years.

in the past thirty years, China’s economy has developed at a high speed. Until now, all the industry has to produce a surplus state, from food and clothing to the business of agriculture, most enterprises are in decline. Many industries are faced with the problem of overcapacity in the industry.


college students high risk of entrepreneurship over 3 years, more than half of entrepreneurs quit

introduction: bit integration is through the means of information to integrate, many industries have begun to carry out such integration.

simply speaking, bit integration is through the means of information to integrate, many industries have begun such integration.

, for example, new for catering industry integration, cat movie for the movie industry transformation and integration for taxi taxi drops. The core functions of the retail terminal enterprises in these industries, such as access to customers, procurement and product shelves, are gradually being transferred to the Internet platform. The current integration also just appear in the 2C based, the future will occur in the 2B side, many industries will appear in the Internet platform to change the industry in the upper and lower dispersion.

uses bit integration to solve supply side reform

historically, three ways have been used to clear capacity:

, in the field of 2B frequently Lazi layout, one of the zero or one outstanding performance in the new venture partner in VC, Zhao Yong guest angel off the micro interview, the maximum share the next five to ten years of entrepreneurial opportunities – bit integration, predict the opportunities and development trend of B2B and SaaS and the electricity supplier shopping guide. The interview full of dry cargo, should not be missed whether entrepreneurs or investors wise remark of an experienced person.

report shows that half a year after graduation of self-employed graduates in 2013, there were 46.2% people after 3 years of continued entrepreneurship; half a year after graduation entrepreneurship 2013 college graduates, 46.8% of the people own businesses after 3 years continues. This means that more than half the venture population will be out of business within 3 years.

, but this does not affect more and more college students to join the tide of entrepreneurship, the report shows that college graduates that entrepreneurship ratio rose from 2011 to 2017 of the 1.6% session of 3%. 2013 months after graduating from college, 2.3% of the students started their own businesses. After 3 years, 5.9% of them started their own businesses.

At the beginning of the new year 2015

bit integration is more equitable and better solution to the incentives for individuals in large companies than administrative and capital operations

bit integration. This is a new mode of integration in the Internet age. That is the core function of enterprise procurement, sales, production outsourcing, etc. the flow of information, in this case, equity, property rights may not change, but business owners no longer have all the profits, part of the original may only have profit. This approach has been in China’s many Internet penetration is relatively high in the 2C industry shows the effect, but also a trend in the future.

administrative means. In the East Asian financial crisis in 1998, Prime Minister Zhu Rongji to actively promote the integration of production, closure of a number of companies, many state-owned enterprises closed, workers and compression capacity. At that time the textile industry hit the TV screen is still a fresh hasp.

researcher pointed out that Chinese Education Scientific Research Institute Chu Zhaohui day before, compared with American college graduates entrepreneurship 22%~23% proportion, the proportion of college students venture is still low. Entrepreneurial ability is the key to restricting college students’ entrepreneurship."

capital integration. This method is more common in the western market, in nineteenth Century, American oil, railways, steel and many other industries to integrate acquisitions, more powerful competitors become a monopoly or oligopoly industry, but this means the domestic poor effect.

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