How does AdSense make your mail get faster responseWhy do give up the easy job of investment banks

Before I applied for the job,

asked a lot of people, "what’s the daily job of an investment bank analyst?"". There have also been many high-level responses, often with the words "team, cooperation, customer and interaction."". When I came here, I really found my daily work is to help customers reduce expenditure another say layoffs, every day 80 page PPT, to show customers what we found.

for our investment banking analysts, the happiest thing about the day is to discuss the future of your career. Some people want to follow the "classic" route, that is, to enter a private company or teach in a business school. Others prefer to start their own business or travel. No matter what kind of goal each person has, one thing we have in common is that we want to leave the investment bank within 2-3 years.

after graduation, my first job was in an investment bank. I spent three and a half years here.

, a poor boy who had just graduated from college, found a well paying job and soon changed my life. When I was growing up, when I need the car, I will use Subaru’s parents. And after I got my first paycheck, a second-hand BMW suddenly came into my eye…. In addition, before I found a job, I rented an old apartment with my classmates, and after earning my income, I began to want to move to a better house.

‘s work makes me feel very dull, but fortunately I have other things to do in the course of the day. Before I leave work at 7 every day, I still have a little time to pay attention to something else".

 :     many publishers have found that sometimes your mail gets answered quickly, and sometimes it takes longer. How can you get a faster response?

      in the AdSense group, there are experts in all aspects to answer questions, so the clear and clear mail will be able to get expert answers faster. In order to facilitate the publishers to send us a clear message, we help in the center of the "contact us" page https://s.shlf1314/adsense/support/bin/ Specially set up a detailed classification of the problem, as shown in figure


      best reflect your question title, your problem will be the fastest to reach the experts, and get accurate answer.

      in addition, we found that many publishers in the face of new problems still love and contact us by replying to the old mail, but this is not in favor of the problem on your quick answer, because the problem is not completely around the issues related to the needs of different experts to answer your questions. So we suggest you don’t reply to the old email directly when you have any new questions. Instead, select the appropriate title and send us a new email via the "contact us" link above.

      and one thing to remind you is, please use the mailbox associated with your account, that is, the mailbox you use for your login account to write to us. Because when you answer your questions, we often need to check your account. If you use the mailbox associated with your account, it’s easy to check your account information and answer your questions. If you use another mailbox and we can’t find your account, we can only ask you to resend the mail with the account associated mailbox, which will take a lot of time.

      we have been working hard, we hope that the publisher’s problems will be solved faster and better, and we are very grateful to the publishers for their understanding and support to us for a long time.

, but not everyone has finally achieved that goal. My leaders, for example, have spent almost all their lives in investment banking. I started to think about why they did not like the expected in 2-3 years to get out of here? After thinking for a while, I finally have the answer: our annual salary will increase a little, but what will become a little less. With the increase in income and the decline in work intensity, such work is attractive to most people.

as working hours get longer, I find my abilities becoming more and more onefold, and my career change is becoming more and more elusive. So I started thinking about leaving the financial industry and working for a start-up, but because I lacked experience and ability to start a business, I didn’t know if I could make it happen. I was shackled by my indecision, like standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon, trying to explore the other side of the canyon, but I couldn’t find it

although income has increased, my life has started to become unhappy. I started complaining about my job, but I didn’t have the guts to quit.

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