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is currently better at doing e-commerce sites:

from the global online business situation, the following categories are easier to succeed:

3, male website, the dominant force of network culture;

three and a half years ago, on the eve of entrepreneurship, I wrote a letter written to his former club for the ming. Today, in my thirty-one birthday, this stage venture to write the end of the review, is on the finishing what they start three and a half years ago. To be honest, I have to see it again today when the text reading feeling is in high and vigorous spirits, a bowl of chicken soup, it is a heroic Inst, but actually as entrepreneurs really need is more practical longzhong. I sincerely hope that this article can be re set to become a can have helped Longzhongdui to everyone, either as entrepreneurs or non entrepreneurs, whether it is already on the road, people are still looking forward to the road of people. I think that’s what it means.

4 sports and tourism products: by 2004, the Internet sports goods market generated 6. 4 billion 100 million dollars in sales. Run a web site program:

2, women’s Web sites hold up half the sky;

5, advertising: search engine site login registration, you can interact with other electronic stores, mutual benefit, establish a business partner site connection.

link address: wangluo-zhuanqian/wang-shang-kai-dian/

3 jewelry and jewelry: high profits and low transport costs, is also an important reason for online watches, jewelry industry to attract investors;

3, server or space, the cost of the server is 15000, the cost of space is 50. If you just do a small station, you can use space.

4, entertainment website, new bottles bottles.

1: health and beauty products from international online shopping market, the health care industry in the online sales of books and music even more impressive than unemployment, purchase of goods, because it can avoid the street people curious eyes and face the salesman, often by people favor, become more adult patronize website;

stations do a good job, combined with SEO to promote, bring potential customers.

in the first 18 months of the growth of NOP is satisfactory, but after 18 months of growth did not meet our expectations, 2013 2012 year-on-year growth of only about 30%, and from the first half of this year did not improve. Personally, I believe that a start-up company, not to consider operating indicators, only a simple look at growth indicators, because the base of the low starting point, in the first three years of compound growth rate of less than 100% is not qualified. Why do you want this growth rate because this growth rate is for potential space?. In the new era of rapid metabolism, the market will only give start-ups a maximum of 24 months, you caught, grabbed, did not seize the back, not too much chance. Just like a person in adolescent development, whether it is because of congenital genes or malnutrition, development is relatively slow, relatively short stature, basically in adulthood, is unlikely to suddenly develop again, grow into a big tall.

After more than

2, planning online stores: many website building software can help design an online store without having to start from scratch;

NOP why not grow tall? Bottleneck in three reasons: natural disasters, man-made and physique.

2: crafts or collections of many electronic shopping malls, including the the Imperial Palace bookstore, celadon gallery and so on, to take aim, you can enjoy, but also for some technology products and has the cultural value of the collection of things, this kind of website to attract a large number of Internet users;

4, pay for the solution: learn a bank suitable for a bank and open an account to ensure that your customer’s credit card is transferred to the funds;

1, online bookstore, a new way to buy books: online bookstore is an extremely successful application of e-commerce in the book industry;

first talk about NOP, I choose the end of the stage of entrepreneurship, especially simple, natural, not run down, but not to achieve expectations, lack of a sense of accomplishment. From the business perspective, the NOP of three and a half years to fully comply with lean startup, do not good but not bad. Take a few business data, for example: 1.NOP launched a total of three years made tens of millions of sales, by the end of last month cumulative stock value but hundreds of thousands of clothing business, not as long as the magnitude of the pre-sale, inventory not less than 10%; 2. online menswear collection rate of return plus reject the industry average in 10%-12% about women between 15%-20%, while NOP has remained below 8%; 3.NOP market plus the cost of the channel rate, never more than 10% in three years, never do low ROI promotion do not want to invest, is really no money. The above data do clothing counterparts understand is what level, other data and examples in I am not here for anyway, from management and cost control of lean startup, we think we do or can. So what’s the problem? Growth?.

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