Dewdrop talks about one of the three major advertising alliances

advertising alliance, we must not be unfamiliar, but how much you know about this advertising alliance, today I will talk about the three major advertising union related matters. First of all, I would like to say that the three major advertising alliances refer to Baidu, Google, sogou.

1. Registration review time

we register a new account, the advertising alliance will be reviewed to see, see your site for not, to my personal feeling is Baidu’s slow, Google internal audit work time please general second days can pass. Sogou is a little bit faster than Baidu. If you have an account, you are using some of your information to apply for second accounts, relatively speaking, Google easier, Baidu, you do not want to, you can not even more. Sogou is also easy to pass through second accounts.

two. Password settings and retrieval time

Baidu advertising alliance

account password set requirements, lowercase letters plus numbers, a password to be set in three ways, I think if you do not record it, it is easy to forget, may think Baidu is safe. Google requires letters plus numbers, no case requirements. Sogou is arbitrary password, you just set the length, number, line enough. From the password setting point of view, I think Google is relatively humane, and Baidu is too harsh, Sogou is too insecure.

if your ad League password doesn’t remember, you can get it back by mail. Baidu does not know whether to support this function or not, my 126 mail has never received a return mail. So now, I want to apply for second accounts, always pass, but also can not find the password, you send them an e-mail to explain this matter?. The Baidu staff replied in a week’s time, "you sent your personal data to their headquarters in EMS.". I met, EMS money is not as good, I went to buy an account. At this point, I think Baidu advertising alliance did not do well, at least not humane, 126 mailbox can not receive, then they do not find their own problems, always give customers trouble. Google retrieves the password so fast that it can be retrieved at least a minute. Sogou password back to wait ten minutes.

three. Advertising type and unit price

Google is a bit more than the ad type, the new registered user, you can choose pictures and text ads. Sogou only text advertising. Baidu too many categories, not good operation.

three advertising union I have used, the highest price is certainly Google, but easy K account, you do not cheat, you may also be sealed, so use Google ad alliance must be careful. Baidu’s single price is lower than Google, but higher than sogou. I tested on my website,, and Google’s revenue is more than double that of Baidu’s one month ad. Sogou up to tens of dollars a month.

to sum up, in general, Google’s ad alliance is the best, and none of its peers can try it out. I wish you well

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