Where is the difference between top and average junior operations

My name is Huang

, I am an operation.

in fact, since I entered the Internet industry, I have been operating, has never changed.

in the whole Internet industry, "operation" has always been very easy to be regarded as a not too big future + bitter type handyman function post haha. As an operator, I have a deep understanding of it. You know, since the recruitment and Zhou Botong three class, almost every week I met someone came to ask me such a question:

can I have a teacher, after two or three years of operation, but now I feel neither what technical content do not what the future, their growth is very slow, you think I should do? The post operation way out in the end and where?

but, as one has done seven or eight years of operation operation of the old man, I want to stand up for the "operation" to speak – HA is really bitter, but to say that business is a boring and not the future of the functions of posts, I disagree. At least, my current operation is a keenly aware of that entry is easy but in fact deep, need to do a lot of work manual work but actually extremely interesting and very technical content of things.

at least, for so many years, I like to operate, and I really feel that operation is a very interesting thing.

so, in this article, I want to try to use easy to understand a little of the language to describe the operation of "deep" and "interesting" and "technology" where on earth, as well as the top operation of a NB donghonghong and a day that the difference between their work boring the ordinary operation may be in what place.

to talk about the clear operation interesting and deep, we must again return to the commonplace problem —

What exactly does



on this issue, many people have given a myriad of all sorts of strange things answer, including myself, have to "core operations to do is to pull new, retention and living" to give the answer, but the answer is too simplistic and one-dimensional, far enough to show the complexity of operation. So this time, I want to change a way to interpret, to better the floor mat "difference" between the top and the ordinary operation of the operation of the answer to this question.

I’d like to give an answer like this —

in my personal understanding, any business has its three essential elements – users, products and operations. The user is that there is a kind of specific requirements need to be solve, product is the carrier, around some of the needs of users to provide solutions and operation mechanism, it is all related tools and methods to help between the user and the product to establish and maintain good relations, its final purpose is to make the value of the product and the user the relative value can be maximized. Which >

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