Net cheater, let me become a webmaster

was ashamed of it. In 2004, he was in touch with the Internet. Ha ha,

came back from Tibet in 2002 and did odd jobs in his hometown. Later, the company installed broadband and opened the Internet when he was bored. At this time, he realized that it was amazing here, too.


online see so many websites, I also in what fantasy when I can have my website, I was soon met that can help me realize a dream liar called Tang Jianwu (didn’t want to say his name, because the swindlers have personality, but in the search under the net his name, the title of a bunch of crooks, ha ha! So it is not necessary for him to hide what we can see here), about his data will not elaborate on this

!I remember

for him to pay 300 yuan and let him help me build a mutual brush flow station, which even when I what FXP and FrontPage do not know, ha ha, he has not done, then I have been Q him, change the Q, him, he was from the end he remote upload the program to the space, I also watched the lament is how to do, it disappeared after 3 days of closed space results!! I was not angry, spent 300 yuan to know the site is going on, the value of


so I know that using FXP upload, using FrontPage editing, I thought it was so simple, and later learned that the language code ah, ah, how to crack the database ah, ah, and so on, are slowly learning it, looking for Baidu.

now do 1 small stations, a dedicated for small and medium-sized Adsense free promotion website, standing do ugly, everybody don’t hit me,


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