Look at the domestic industry forum rice and vegetable roll from the edge of the successful developm

most of the friends who are concerned with graphic design should be aware of it. In the domestic graphic design forum, this one is also in the front row of the forum. Today to analyze this kind of industry like Si Yuan station where success, also tell you now although not just before BBS came to be so popular, and that some of the population has not eliminated.

I’ve always thought that the individual owners do not do BBS integrated type and information type, after all, individual owners of manpower and energy to keep up, but the forum is not suitable to do news source, so that the forum can be considered a friend or vertical entertainment station. [i]

edge is a design station I knew, this station to the first feeling is very full, and the quality is very good, it will induce me to look inside the content, the content is full is from his theme and reply to see, the quality is very good because many websites have Si Yuan PS tutorial. Then, he is such an industry forum on these two points to do very successful, I do not think so, these two points is more to mention the value of his site, and the other we can come to analysis:

one, professional industry station

can generally see professional industry from the classification of its Web site, although this is just a little too general, but for the first time to browse the site’s users, first impression is that these pages, they will be classified to determine the professional section of the station. Therefore, it is suggested that you must have a certain understanding of this industry before you do it.

two, rationalization of integration system

is a good forum has a set of reasonable integral system, a good set of integral system will mobilize the enthusiasm of the members of the website, the forum brings reasonable points system is a virtuous cycle, and at this point, many owners do not pay attention to, the abuse of forum virtual currency, which not only caused by the devaluation of the currency forum that will cause the credibility of the forum integral variation, the forum members do not care about the integral. And some Adsense is too much emphasis on these things, the integral figure are difficult to obtain, at the same time, resources and set high integral download permissions, so against the enthusiasm of many members of the invisible, to know the man’s patience is limited.

three, strict management system,

to do a lot of good forum, most of them are several people from the team began operations, then slowly began to grow, but the most successful team will have a very strict management system, management system to develop good can not only enhance the overall quality of forum and can establish the credibility of the management team.

four, the use of resources to promote

this is the biggest advantage of industry, using their own resources to the network promotion, such as Baidu in many aspects of PS search tutorial with Si Yuan watermark for the target user group, he will go to search or browse to your station, because he saw from resources.

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