Sharing four sources of discovery Forums

forum to develop, is relying on the popularity, it can be said that the popular forum is like the springhead, less popular, the forum will become a pool of stagnant water, there is no development in the future! How can find the springhead forum? Webmasters are often started looking for a variety of methods in the Forum construction successfully, but these methods, often in other website operation is very successful, in their own forum often lose vitality, many owners are also worried, can not find the crux of the problem, in fact it is very simple, because the method is same, but the operation process is often not the same, but the gap between the forum is not the same, so the resulting method the introduction of

The climate does not suit one.!

so if you want to increase the popularity of the effective method of the forum, from the beginning to start planning, such as the construction of what kind of forum, because some forum is relatively unpopular, or some kind of forum competition is too intense, such as now webmaster related forums has been quite intense, the two limit of the forum, which if the method is correct, there is no way to get the popularity of the forum live, visible, only the appropriate forum forum type, coupled with the appropriate operation method, can make the forum with the popularity of Everfount living water! Here I come to the forum to share the correct operation method of


1: Forum managers should have an active responsibility,

actually this is only the most basic common sense, I believe that many owners are able to understand, because as a forum for Tan long, the forum moderator, administrator of the forum itself are not willing to do the work to achieve the active forum, just let the members of the forum, is certainly not practical, forum management personnel is heading in the sea the helmsman, many members will look at management post, to participate in the activities of the forum staff itself! Also do the Forum promotion work, after all, only the forum to engage in online, without subsequent promotion that there is no way to let the Forum gathered popularity of


two: make a good forum column, rough differentiation is the key

popular forum is often driven by the need, so be sure to let the forum looks very popular, a lot of each column is updated daily post, so in the construction of the forum is a little trick that is originally can split columns, coarse differentiation, such as local real estate forum forum. When it began, should put the second-hand housing, the sale of housing, rental housing can be subdivided column, rough differentiation, the direct use of the local real estate column instead, so you can make the new members to see this column is popular, many people are posting on the inside, if the segmentation of the words it is possible to give the user the feeling, each column is so few people in the release, naturally reluctant to stay


three: BBS post to understand creative

although many people think that the title of the party is not good, but the title of the party’s methods can be used for me, such as many of the training institutions now

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