From the product perspective, talk about Crazy speculation, why so fire

this article starts at geek Park

ashamed to say, crazy guess figure of this game has the fire for a long time, but as a dinner on insight into the product manager even recently to play the game, the mind also will produce some small ideas, out and share with you, welcome here.

micro innovation

micro innovation, this is the first word I jump into my mind. I believe you still have a fresh memory of the $180 million acquisition of your painting "I guess.". The rules of the game are simple: give a word, a person draw, and a few people guess. But this game has encountered a fatal problem in the development process: everyone’s painting skills are not good enough. Painting a watermelon is considered to be a basketball, not to mention something more complicated. And crazy guess here just do a small micro Innovation: painting part not by the user to complete, the user is responsible for guessing as long as you can. But I guess you draw online interactive part by online transfer to the next line, by way of sharing WeChat every time sharing into an interactive game process.

a game rule, micro innovation + interactive process, micro innovation = another myth,

micro innovation is a word out of here can be said to be the process of hackneyed and stereotyped expressions but can imagine, this product from idea to achieve some success is full of ups and downs, but the reason is perhaps a small micro innovation, so once again appeal to the majority of the product manager colleagues here, don’t let the ability of practical difficulties and cruel defeat we dream, perhaps a crazy guess map is from you.

keguazi principle

keguazi principle, this is up to second words in my mind. I always think that a mobile game must be unlimited, in line with this principle, there will be a fire. And what is the principle of melon seeds:

whether people like it or not, it is easy to pick up the first melon seed;


eats the first one, he eats second or third… … can’t stop;

in the process of eating melon seeds, people may do some other things, such as go to the bathroom and so on, but when you return to your seat, you will continue to eat melon seeds, do not need other people to remind and urge;

in most cases, people will eat until they eat up;

theory is very realistic, translated into the product level, the reality is that a few points:

threshold must be very low, the rules must be very simple, entry must be very easy;

allows people to repeat the same thing over and over again. It’s easy enough, and the steps are small enough;

should be short enough at each stage (the game is level), and the interval should be clear enough to reward enough

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