Two children in maternal and infant industry, entrepreneurs have to look at the data of dry cargo

Abstract: in 2015, the maternal and child industry completed a total of 34 investment and financing projects in the year, the amount of financing over $7 billion, the mother and child electricity supplier and maternal and child community category is the focus of attention of the capital market. But at present, the mother and child class mobile terminal penetration is only 6.3%, the industry is still in the early stages of development, there is a larger user growth.


[Cai di / Ti Media Editor] since December 27, 2015, the NPC Standing Committee voted through the "population and family planning law amendment", all two children on January 1, 2016 in China formally implemented. Stimulated by this policy, there are agencies expected: the next four years, China will be born more than 2500-5212 million newborns, and open the annual consumer market of $160 billion

when a comprehensive two children met monkey baby, dividend policy superimposed demographic dividend, maternal and child market will continue to become a tuyere. Entrepreneurs, both players should look at the data and then make decisions. On Monday, TalkingData issued a "2015 maternal industry observation mobile maternal population report", including the use of insight, a maternal and child class mobile products, investment and financing, the user portrait and the development trend of the titanium media editing data dry cargo, as follows:

maternal and child class penetration rate of only 6.3%, a huge increase in space

at present, the mother and child applications covering 80 million mobile devices, mobile terminal penetration rate of only 6.3%, the industry is still in the early stages of development, there is a larger user growth.


at the same time, the report shows the four different types of enterprises mother and infant industry ideas and different characteristics.

is a representative of the Internet giant BAT to accelerate the layout of the mother and child. Baidu in 2014 on-line application of maternal and child health baby know, 2015 to $150 million investment led led maternal electricity supplier honey bud baby D wheel (see titanium media had reported "Honey bud baby re investment, cross-border electricity supplier maternal how the valuation of $1 billion?"); Alibaba had $65 million strategic investment the United States and the force in the electricity supplier maternal Zulily, maternal and child services, continuous integration of Tmall international import business on maternal import business complement; Tencent launched the "baby listen to children education software".

two is represented by Jingdong and other traditional electricity providers to expand the mother and child vertical market. In 2015, the Jingdong launched a "baby maternal community application Jingdong"; only in the same year to launch an independent application of maternal sale "I am mommy"; the $250 million baby tree; early in 2012 on the acquisition of vertical electricity supplier "red child", and the integration of independent operation in 2014 and the Department of maternal and child.

three is a number of vertical communities began to develop electricity supplier platform. To the baby tree, such as the mother to help the mother and child community to "tools"

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