Years of experience as a novice

web site first to see if you have a firm heart, whether you can sleep every day, the master is very tired, the early evening, others in the rest of our efforts, so here I remind you, if not more than the heart don’t look down, no matter what you do want to know, don’t blind, I will put my own so many years of experience tells us the website. There are wrong places, please also correct me, thank you!


1., please do not change the domain name frequently, change once the domain name is equal to you start from the beginning, so suggest not to change.

2. selects a stable space, because when you open your web page very slowly or if you can’t open it, you’ll turn it off right away. It’s hard to retain Internet users, so it’s important to have a steady space.

3. do not often change, the first time to spend more money to buy a stable space, often for space Baidu not included, took my stand for it, Baidu in the 07 years before April, Google included my content are many, at least to more than 80 thousand, as of April because I use the space is not too stable, users reflect the slow, so I decided to change a stable space (note I use the flat-share space.) for space stopped one day to third days, baidu included down immediately, just a few days only 4 pages, I will no longer maintain more new. Until this year to give to change the space and program, now reopened, hope again Baidu included my station, before the content is too much, the door is not good comprehensive apartment layout site maintenance, now I only do Wangzhuan station only this time, we can communicate with


4. program is also very important, there are a lot of PHP ASP network, DEDECMS, PHPCMS2008, PowerEasy, and many can not say here, now I this station is dedecms, because now many webmaster for the garbage station. First choice for construction of garbage stations.

5. content is important, because your website has good content, Internet users will come to your station, will retain, you do not have good content, not updated every day, what to retain others?. Best, or write some original content, search engines are favorite. So make sure you choose the right content.

6. website advertising should be reasonable, advertising must be selected, best not to get those new pop-up advertising, advertising less, people look cool, add your content is good, next time, if you have too many advertisements, it is hard to say. So look at other people’s advertising is how to put on, must be reasonable.

7. do not stand and put a lot of time on the template above, because the general election procedures after the official with templates are also available, you can modify it on the basis of the original, not today to see this template, see the template > tomorrow

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