Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of copying the 19 floor

recent period of time, the Internet speculation relatively hot news, it is estimated that the 19 floor network media Co., Ltd. proposed "copy 19 floor" program. Since the 19 floor launched the joint venture replication plan, it must be considered by management, however, when the copy plan to open to the outside world, but received mixed attitudes.

everything has two sides, regardless of whether the replication scheme succeeds, we first analyze the advantages and disadvantages of entrepreneurs to join the 19 floor, I believe that through comparison, everyone will have their own criteria.


, first of all, look at the positive side: joining the 19 floor, what will you get,


, a mature SBS community platform and localization C2B business model

19 floor with independent research and development of SBS community platform technology, conform to the trend of the Internet, rooted in BBS and beyond BBS; in 2011 19, achieved operating income of 100 million yuan, the localization of C2B business model and the first through practical test.

two, professional community operations strategy and special resources

19 Hangzhou

floor is obvious to people in the community hot, operations, marketing, interactive marketing and other fields, the 19 buildings have been developed a professional and replicable strategy and technology; in addition, the 19 floor has the brand abundant customer resources and training resources, for the company’s advertising and sales personnel training has a lot of help.

three, high quality friendship link and 19 floor brand image

have to say, to copy the 19 floor plan, around the 19 floor substation Links resources is very precious, for improving the early new ranking and influence is very important; the other 19 building brand awareness is relatively high, there are a lot of fans of users, the early site can rely on the 19 floor of the brand imagination gather together the first batch of valuable user.

secondly, come to analyze the disadvantages of joining the 19 floor

, a domain name ownership and lack of unified use of 19 floor brand Yingshang is

joined the "copy 19 floor plan, have uniform use of domain name and brand building 19, however, but firmly grasp the ownership of the domain name on the 19 floor of their own hands, partners only ownership and operational rights website management, however, the Internet and other industries are different, you don’t have the right of domain name, in case of disputes or cooperation rupture, management rights and income rights in the loss; in addition, each place has its own local characteristics of each city in the 19 floor of the brand and image, is not suitable for the local atmosphere.

two, the local city strongmen competition

in fact, many city have "items", such as the Changzhou dragon lane, Xinchang information port, which has taken root in the local.

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