How many suggestions do do the website

I keenly aware of, is the most difficult position to do.

when a good place, and the rest of the hard, difficult for the webmaster is also happy.

it is the most painful when a person has the confidence and ability to do things without knowing what to do.

when a swordsman can’t find PK, he’s the loneliest.

when a webmaster can not determine a site positioning, is the most hesitant.

webmaster failure two major reasons: 1 positioning error 2, lack of adherence to

has a frequently quoted story:

a person has 10 years of digging, dug 10 wells, no one find water. There were many wells, and when he was about to dig out the water, he wavered and gave up. He thought that the water would never be dug out, so he went to dig a new well, so that 10 years passed…

another person, a well to dig for 10 years, finally dug up like spring water, sweet water,

, he made it,


‘s story is cited by many successful people to demonstrate the importance of persistence.

but the question is, if this place really doesn’t drain water, or you can’t hold on to the day when you dig the water, why don’t you look for a place with plenty of water in the ground?

and when you finally chose a very high level, the water quality is very good, but others, the more the strength of the big wells also saw this place beside you faster than you hit a deep well, how do you do


so, just start a network entrepreneur, you must first place. Second, make sure that this is a big site can not take into account. You want to make sure you not only can first hit the water here, but also firmly occupy the place of


you watch online video on demand, B2B, C2B, B2C good, but you see those people lined up, and the ranks of wealthy team? You calmly think you can squeeze in? That is great it is 18 million, but there can be hundreds of millions of burn, you and him to play, play it strong and strong? The final competition is the strength of the competition, is the capital of the contest.

what we want to play is the game of the weak and the strong. It is the weakness of the weak and the weakness of the strong. Strong, weak, weak in strong, this is refuted the truth! Can be strong to weak, weak to strong, this is the law of motion of the eternal! These aside, go back to the site location.

Whether the

network entrepreneur’s position is correct, basically decided whether his enterprise can obtain the long-term development.

The opportunities for entrepreneurship in

networks are still very large, and the key is to seize these opportunities,


" is a metaphor for well drilling. You can hire ">"

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