How to create content that isn’t original but meets user needs

many owners mistakenly believe that the original content is the content of the website users need, in fact, this view is wrong, the needs of users and website content should be a high correlation and conforms to the social reality of the content. Not long ago the webmaster asked in communication: why do I update the original article every day, your website does not increase? In fact this site and the original user needs and content are closely related, the user demand content is not necessarily website original content, the following specific to talk about how to build a website content of non original but in line with the user the demand.

one, according to the site to be positioned, to create the best content relevance

Localization of

sites can be said that the final decision in the direction of the site, and a part of webmaster in website localization after I found my position is not very good, and trying to change direction, one site concept, which leads to a disparity between content and website part of the site is very large, which is caused by user demand the website and the reasons for greater difference, in the face of this situation, as a webmaster to reverse the difference, the content and orientation of the website be closely linked, for example, is your site title and description and construction of two divisions about the exam, then you will not be able to tamper with the concept of a construction division examination the first thing the user or website, click into the website is change instead of standing on the site.

two, collect useful news from the industry and show the latest information to the user in front of

With the expansion of the

industry, now the demand for industry news is more and more big, I am keen on the Internet, every day I will be in some more timely update the news website login, such as A5 network, Chinaz network, speed transit network and so on, from the small personal behavior can be very good to see useful industry news, that is able to bring together most of the industry people, so no matter what your site is doing what the industry news must have, but also for a website: industry news updates must be timely, complete and valuable, the station caused a relatively large pressure, so I suggest you this piece of news for the industry owners can take the person responsible for the attitude of a person to do than you distracted to do a more effective and efficient, and greater effect.

three, according to the characteristics of the website pseudo original, but must show high value

is easier to obtain than the original false original Baidu Pro gaze, but as a webmaster to every day the original high value content is not easy, in fact, reasonable pseudo original also can get Baidu search engine and users of the popular, the key is how to do the pseudo original, pseudo original, the author suggestions to the pseudo original content mainly from the simple level and value level to start. For example, you are doing site related chemical applications on the Internet, we can search a lot of original but a very high professional content, the professional content of pseudo original, let professional content popularity. If you want self >

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