5 benefits of standardized web production

web standards, this is a problem every day in a commonplace talk of an old scholar, webmaster circles, all paid the production template, website reconstruction and other information, the webmaster to site appearance and ER attention. But in our view today, there are many websites that do not meet the requirements of the current web site standard language.

for many years, many webmasters have become accustomed to using the form of website appearance construction, and today, DIV+CSS is undoubtedly the highest frequency we have seen. Perhaps many webmaster will say, since TABLE can also have good performance, so why must use CSS? Then we’ll talk about CSS, about website production standardization of the 5 advantages.

1: why use DIV+CSS


1: reduce the large amount of redundant code in web pages


, the page will be filled with a large number of TABLE code, make the web become bloated, and the search engine spiders on our site in the process, will climb extremely hard, because these codes are useless to the spider crawling, when he was very difficult in a lot of useless code find a website to express information, whether we have lost the spider love? In many webmaster rely on search engines today, this is undoubtedly very painful. So how to meet the need in the web search engine, remember that a foreign Master said: "a very important to small, minimum, 10K, 5K… The less code, determines the faster speed, emphasizing customer experience today, it is very important to


2: site content needs to meet the needs of a wider range of devices

The development of

technology, the web browser transferred from the computer to today’s handheld reader, and read his search engine robots, printers, so standardized web site will allow the maximum to meet customer needs all kinds of experience, focus on the customer experience, this is undoubtedly the most important point.

3: fewer code and components are good for maintaining

by DIV+CSS, and the code template were isolated, bid farewell to the past in the process of making use of the table, each page layout need to write code, if you need to modify and maintenance of the website, so each page is equal to the need to rewrite the workload is huge. And now, as long as the direct output of the CSS modified, greatly reducing the difficulty of the work.

4: improved website usability

in the United States, there are strict legal requirements to restrain government websites must reach a certain application, many other countries have similar provisions, through the standardization of the web, people can make the choice of style website with their reading habits and preferences, greatly enhance the usability. At the same time, less code determines less bandwidth.

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