Executive ability is the essence of a team

people who read my article should have some understanding of what I’m saying. I’ve always been a concept player, and the concept is used to implement it. Otherwise, the concept is always just a concept.

is now a web site, a person has failed. I can’t say, not really not, but too tired. From website procedures, template design, website promotion, SEO optimization, profit planning, resource integration, and so on. I have found more and more the importance of a team, what is the team, maybe some people think of him is very complex, very far away, even difficult. Intuitively, you open a forum, all your owner is your team; you make a website, all editing you is your team. Teams don’t have to be big. They don’t have to be professional. But a team must have these conditions: a shared vision, a unity within the team and a strong sense of cohesion; a firm execution of all decisions, whether right or wrong.

maybe someone will disagree with me, for all decisions, whether right or wrong, are firmly implemented. Well, I hope everyone can review this sentence. Your identity is an executive, and your task is simply to carry out your superior’s idea or task and respond accordingly, so that your task is fulfilled and your value is manifested. As for what you do, it’s not worth it, because it can affect your efficiency.

I believe a lot of people, like me, do personal websites, and there’s a small team of more than a dozen people working together to work together. But, I think a lot of people, like me, do not have the power of the team to play, to achieve the original effect should be achieved, the completion of the original task should be completed, the original should be paid. Maybe there are many reasons, maybe your team is too unprofessional, maybe your team is too united, maybe your team has no common vision. Maybe your execution is not strong enough and your thinking is not strong enough.

you just imagine that one of your idea has been communicated to your team and started to execute. But the idea died half way through execution. What’s the reason for that? You can say your team is not serious or for any other reason. But the original reason, I think, is that you don’t have enough execution.

a lot of people for a website CEO always think so, he out of idea, there is department manager, department manager below Department staff, I give him money, he gave me grades. But you know, it’s a big company, a big website, a big team. Do you have any? You don’t have any, so you don’t have the capital to do that. So we can only be a policy maker, communicating our idea, and guiding our Team to execute our idea. You are both a policy maker and an executive. Your execution has a direct impact on the execution of your team, which directly affects the efficiency of your idea and directly impacts the results.


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