Join the grassroots webmaster circle, two months after the profound reflection

two months ago, I joined the grassroots webmaster army, began the so-called road of entrepreneurship. Imitate other people’s station, built a Taobao guest single page stand, choose is virtual recharge software promotion, now think about is actually a mistake. Virtual software this two years very fire, is a huge profits products, competition is too fierce, in Baidu, the first page is basically bidding promotion, select this single product promotion, increased the difficulty of their own business. Station is built with zblog, but also a smattering of knowledge, with the station can be able to see the people. Over the past two months, crop failure, in addition to Baidu’s collection of 32 pages, the chain has dozens, almost Nothing is right. Watching people standing on fire, heart began to irritability, mentality is no longer stable, a disappointed, decadent mood arises spontaneously. All said that the site should adhere to, and then adhere to, yes, the site is the best test of patience. Failure is the mother of success. Let us reflect on it as follows:

reflect on one: build a fight is time, is physical. Novice webmaster and old webmaster different, no foundation, no experience, no connections, what all want to learn, little by little to experience value, and slowly upgrade. It’s a painful process. I’m a part-time worker. I don’t have much spare time every day. There are still things to deal with at home in the evening. Site management is relatively small every day, this is my station, and my own growth is the main reason for slow. Can only guarantee one or two articles updated every day, the previous month basically did not do any outside the chain work.

solution: this problem is really difficult, it is impossible to go full-time grassroots webmaster, a lot of constraints. Can only allow time to plan their own more reasonable, higher utilization of time.

reflection two: site construction, such as life, but also need to accumulate contacts. I think the most failure is now, I am still a person in the fight, there is no friend of the station, and this is my disadvantage, too, do not like communication. Encountered problems, that is, "Baidu once", yes, this is a good habit, but if there are one or two friends, is not getting help will be more, efficiency will be higher?. Links number 0 PR, but also the problem, although I was new, PR is 0, embarrassed and high of PR exchange chain, but also feel shame, but think of the high PR station is not from scratch? Think of a super NB webmaster, rely on a stalker grind ability for friends of the chain and others, around 10 people every day, there are one or two successful, just put his own station ground to PR6, this is my Study hard tenacity.

solution: of course, if you want to help yourself, you have to help yourself first. Every day to add a few webmaster groups, active attack, more exchanges, do their own ability to help others, others will remember you. In addition to the Internet, in real life, also make friends, more friends, more road. It will also help when you start a team. There is also a sentence, I often speak to others, but I simply can not do it, that is: do not be afraid of shame, because – – face is not lost

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