One day, 1000P experience, do stand, must insist

Hello, I’m a novice webmaster, do picture station has a little harvest, and want to share with you, also hope to help more and I like novice webmaster friends.


for the new sites included now is more and more long, Baidu, our webmaster can afford to wait, cycle to include on-line arrival flow may also be one or two months, Baidu will give you some traffic to send, not included in the website promotion, before it became a big


1. site templates and content

in the future to buy space and domain name, I spent 3 days in imitation of the template (for the first time, the novice, to leave) is not conducive to the SEO, you must find the template beautiful, you can also refer to others of the template, after all users came to the site you first see is your interface. If unsightly who does not want to come second times. Content depends on their own, it is best to find no watermark pictures, and then do their own watermark release, edit the title of the article is best to change, after all, the same title too much.

2. site selection,

because I am a novice webmaster, and I do not have the ability to operate a decent portal, so I can only pick a site that I can hold. For novice webmaster, perhaps the best thing to do is the picture station and movie station, the two types of stations to flow fast, reverse rate is also higher than some other sites. But the competition at the movie station was so fierce that I chose the picture station.

Promotion of

3. website

completed the front of the work, the site has begun to take shape, do not think about making money, the flow to do it again, if the beginning is overwhelming advertising, users will be bored. In the promotion of the method is more, the important thing is to insist, the following are their own tried more effective method.

. Baidu Post Bar send pictures, I mean pictures rather than advertising, send pictures to find the hot Post Bar, a Post Bar post get two beautiful pictures almost, we have the watermark picture ah, do not believe they can’t see the beauty. The strict bar may be very concerned about the new post, you can first send no watermark post, each big post bar finished a round later, then add the watermark to the picture, so that’s ok.

two. Baidu know to ask questions, and one day to ask what the XX website Baidu know too much, you can also ask the answer, if you feel that it is not good for their site optimization can also find other domain jump over, if you do a good 1000 words a day to IP is basically no problem the.

, if you’ve done all of the above, there should be no big problem with the site reaching 5000IP. Do stand must adhere to, do not come today, traffic will not do tomorrow, not everyone will look back at your site, after all, from quantitative change to qualitative change is the process.

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