The website was made yesterday, today, tomorrow

did a few years ago and didn’t hear about SEO (search engine optimization), and now it’s quite different. There are tens of thousands of Web site rough estimates, to your web site was searched, then you need to do some design for the search engine.

has done most of its work before, or has been the art designer, and the site has had to consider SEO now. Otherwise, your website will be beautiful and difficult to find. For example, you have done a full FLASH site, then congratulations, search engines may have included only one of your home page, because search engines now there is no way to read your FLASH inside the links and text. Even if your website content is done better, search engine also can not see, also can not put your website inside search result inside.

remember years ago, if your site was pure HTML, then you would be considered technically useless. Because the dynamic web site is so convenient. Now, if your website is dynamic, people will feel your company is too backward, and your website can easily be refused service. It’s often said, DDOS. Dynamic websites now try to be static. If the actual technology is not enough, it is possible to make pseudo static.

if you’re going to do a really hot topic website, then there must be a lot of online. You want a search engine to value your site, that’s a dream. No way, only to find the chain. An outside chain is equivalent to voting for you. The website is a good example. Their website is not doing very well, but PR=10, the world has several websites that have this honor. Why,


that as no money no potential personal Adsense, how to other people’s Web site to vote for us,


1, online hackers specializing in selling web site permissions, you can make a little money, ask them to add a link to you. But doing so selfish, but also violate the law, or advise you not to defy the law.

2, and webmaster chat, find some webmaster friends, and they exchange friendship links.

talks about the future of network development. If there are no accidents (alien invasion, earth destruction, etc.), the Internet will only become more and more important, and nothing can be done without internet. As a business, do not have a website, you know how the others on the Internet business? So I have no website business, suggest that you set up your website as soon as possible, why, take my website We are to do domain name registration and virtual host, as we have just started, we choose agents of large companies, products, and other big, and then rent their own computer room. We are sure the quality of the products is guaranteed, but the price is only half of those big companies, but no one believe us, because we are a new web site, if the site is done a few years ago, even if your website has not been updated, will give people.

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