Tencent COO Ren Yuxin developers into over 10 billion yuan

[Abstract] Tencent incubator start-up companies have more than 20 listed companies, the latest year has doubled growth.



technology news (Liang Chen) in October 22nd, 2015 Tencent Worldwide Partner Conference held in Chongqing, Tencent Inc chief operating officer Ren Yuxin said at the meeting, "Internet plus" fission development for the society, for the Tencent of new opportunities, but also new challenges.

the last Tencent to an enterprise to support millions of entrepreneurs, this mode can not meet the needs of entrepreneurs, Ren Yuxin announced that the Tencent will introduce legal, financial, investment and financing of the best service companies to join the open platform, common services for entrepreneurs, "this is the most consistent with" Internet plus "form".

Ren Yuxin summed up the three figures in the past five years Tencent open results:

1, 4 million

Tencent open platform has gathered millions of entrepreneurs, they have developed more than 4 million applications, while a year ago, the figure was only about 2 million 400 thousand. Over the past year, Tencent open platform has nearly 70% growth.

2, 10 billion yuan

in April this year, the Tencent statistics found that the Tencent open platform to entrepreneurs accumulated income has exceeded 10 billion yuan, ranking the top if the statistics, a total of Tencent open platform has created more than 50 billionaires.

3, 20

Tencent incubator start-up companies have more than 20 listed companies, the most recent year doubled growth.

Tencent will release a new year’s "Internet plus" white paper, Ren Yuxin shared three trends:

first, vertical subdivision. "Vertical Internet plus" has been used to have entrepreneurial hot spots, vertical electric providers, more and more vertical service life to emerge. Tencent found that there is a new trend is occurring, that is still in the vertical field of continuous differentiation, more and more demand for more segments in the emerging.

Ren Yuxin said, we believe that these new user needs will be a new opportunity for future business".

second, personalized customization. Mass consumption to enhance the level of standardization of products cannot meet the needs of mass, and even individual is also difficult to meet the needs, has been the emergence of new applications, companies can even provide the breakdown of customized products and services for each person.

third, professional crossover. With the "Internet plus", the Internet and traditional industry penetration, blurring the line between them. Cross border in the talent market has become a trend, more and more traditional enterprises to the Internet platform transformation, they are unprecedented demand for Internet talent. More and more Internet companies to explore the development of traditional industries, they need to supplement the traditional experience and knowledge of the industry. It can be foreseen that not just

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