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I am a small SEO staff, my life now is from online orders, and then optimized, every day by such a number of elements around. Although my job is SEO, I’m talking about some things about web design.

I think a lot of SEO like me are like this, receive orders on the Internet, but there is no website background permissions, optimization work can only be carried out around the chain. Customers do not give backstage authority is understandable, after all, such cooperation between each other can not give too much trust. But a list I received gave me a headache.

this is a film and television advertising, they have their own design ideas, more consideration is the page appearance, so the existence of such a drawback in this website: without considering the optimization problem. everybody can have a look. This website has brought great pressure to my optimization work, so I would like to write such an article today.

website design is really not just about beauty. Many designers in the design time, too many consider the beauty of the site, think the website design is beautiful site, layout and color collocation reasonable.

in my understanding, the website design must first relate with your website relevance.

this is an online name card making website, the page into the site to see first, give the user the background wall directly strong impression of name card, direct link website theme.

another one I think is more important is the interactivity of the website. The concept of interactive experience exists more in the design of some software, but I think interactivity is also very important for a website, and interactivity can provide a better user experience for visitors. This website does not emphasize the user experience today, should not have it? Everyone station design style is my personal favorite, similar to the win8 magnetic element style.

now has such a profession – Interactive Designers, many people do not have a high level of awareness of the profession. The main job of this profession is to enhance the user experience through interactive design, including software interaction design, and of course, website interaction design. If you are interested, you may as well know the profession.

here, I think of a problem that many Internet companies have. In my part of the world, a lot of Web site design and website production is done by one person. I think it’s a very unreasonable place. Just imagine, web designers in the design of the time, found a place in the production of a web page will be very complex, or he did not, then he will deliberately avoid this design, then the final result is the site will be a perfect work.

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