To be a dignified webmaster

site survival and development is based on traffic, just as the ratings are the lifeblood of the TV program. There is traffic in order to earn money. The bigger the flow, the more you earn. Therefore, in order to pursue greater interests, it is necessary to obtain more traffic. That’s why. A considerable proportion of sites have adopted very poor promotion methods, and some even have nothing to do with it. Many practices have totally violated the public morality and sense of responsibility as a social media. This can not help but say that China’s Internet community is sad. I write this article, not for anyone, just say. And so it is.

as a webmaster, you want the website to grow, to be known to more people, to get more visits, and to charge more advertising fees. This is understandable as long as it is in conformity with the law and ethics. Unfortunately, too many webmaster did not put their mind on the content of the website itself. There was no way to enhance the user experience, enhance the quality of the website and the quality of service. But in a spoof, speculation, unhealthy content, pictures or virus promotion and so on bad practices to attract people’s attention, get huge traffic. If a website does so, its competitors will follow it, and others will follow it. This allows more and more websites to participate in this vicious competition. A vicious cycle, the emergence of XX on the Internet today, the situation everywhere. And intensified, I really do not know the future of China’s Internet will become what kind of environment?.

actually, there are some good websites on the internet. But the proportion is getting smaller and smaller, because more and more websites are involved in such bad competition. Those excellent websites all adopt the way to improve the user experience and provide more excellent resources and practical resources to the users. And then through the word-of-mouth legend, more and more attention and growing up. This approach takes much longer and costs much more than the practice. But the end result is much better. Because most of the visitors will stay. And that kind of relying on unethical means to promote the practice of the website, will certainly make the website become everyone’s eyes low taste website. People naturally do not want to miss it.

I don’t dare say my website is a good website, especially the current small website — daily article net. I dare not say how dignified I am. But at least I’m not going to promote websites for traffic, against basic morality, and by doing things like XX. Stationmaster, must have the dignity of stationmaster. Respected webmaster, first of all should be a moral, responsible person. Hope China’s Internet appears more and more, dignified stationmaster.

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