The three method helps you see through a site’s traffic

              years ago, an article "brother eye flow method.", knowledgeable with 6 kinds of methods to forecast the flow of the site. Got a lot of enthusiastic friends guidance and many sites reprinted. Hope to help you in the promotion activities, exchange links in the process of more clear direction, easy to take the initiative.          ;      

              time flies, time flies. Now the passage of time, China Internet already said goodbye to the portal engine their utmost, personal site in the raging like a storm. Promotion of rich applications, colorful, diverse, creative advertising complex, although occasionally cold, but today’s Internet site Chinese regardless of the size of the market, revenue or flow out, more than 4, 5 years ago, has already been changed turn the world upside down. A lot of methods that are now untraceable. Once a lot of red traffic statistics system, such as zhao123, unified, 50bang and so on, has become a dust of history. When can a data would be a death site Alexa ranking now in the country as early as there is no authoritative Supreme status. But the traffic of a site is still a decisive factor in many things. In any case, it is a decisive factor in anything that has anything to do with the site.  

              refer to the advice of friends, back again for everyone to do a simple analysis. More diverse sites, smarter webmasters, more complex forms of advertising, more pragmatic advertisers. Now, to judge the flow of a website approach, with the times. To sum up, there are approximately the following methods:  

              traffic statistics, the real thing is the eternal truth

       ;       obviously, the use of traffic statistics system to count the flow of a site is a very popular thing. A lot of sites below, you can see such and such small icons. The ugly CNZZ, vulgar 51la, very Y! And the Google that Yin refuses to show up behind. Do not count the site rarely, and there are very few parts of the site directly public statistical traffic, so in nature, the following steps are saved. Of course, for the most part, there is no such thing as a bargain. You see, in fact, the traffic statistics >

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