Search network how to seize the network hot spots, so that traffic rankings by leaps and bounds

network hot topic, this is every Internet users are concerned about the problem, observe the network hot spot will naturally become one of our webmaster must do one of the daily homework. The use of network hotspot website promotion to bring traffic, the rankings, is a shortcut to hundred-percent, how to take this shortcut, I think most of the webmaster is not very clear, today with my CAITONG network to sum up.

my search network is a professional TV Announcement website, and provides services such as TV play, movie introduction, star gossip, information file introduction and so on. And entertainment circles can be regarded as the most concerned topic by Chinese netizens, and also the most explosive topic of news. Let’s say a few news after 2010, Shoushou pornographic, North Zhang Yaru, ICBC female Zheng Xuan, Chao Xi Li Ge I’m just a beggar, amusement and so on during the outbreak of these events do not know how to bring traffic to the site, rankings. The materials are there every day, but how to pay attention to the news for the first time, how to collect materials, how to edit news, how to promote it, let me tell my experience.

1, a difficult five meters cooking. Discovery News

news that for many webmaster is a problem, one is also difficult. I often look for news on several places, Tianya, mop, Baidu, Google search hot list. End of the world, "mop" needless to say, as the initiator of China’s Internet entertainment news, many network celebrities, network, "meteor" language is moving from here to the public. Such as fairy sister, hide cat and so on. And I pay more attention to the search list is Baidu billboard and 360 navigation Google hot word search list, always pay attention to these two sites, can always find the news source of value, I often come here to look for Internet search volume continued to grow and enrich the new movie entertainment TV smell explosive force to do the corresponding content.


selectivity, potential

most of the time, we do not know the first time news, and search hot words list of the most searched are high weight station occupied. At this point, you need to tap out potential words or news. For example, the outbreak of nearly half a month ago Shoushou, when I found the words, many portals have reported the news, and I have similar combination of pornographic news before the process of editing, the latest developments in the "Shoushou incident," Shoushou’s latest response to the "Shoushou" Dutch act "," suspected Shoushou Shoushou and her friends broke the news of the secret "such a subsequent news, but also brought a lot of traffic. And this occurred a few days "I just broke the rules of Internet users" shady "containing fairy broke Guangxi tobacco chief diary" this news, I was digging the "I’m just an amusement" and "water Fairy" this news vocabulary corresponding editor. Remember, people are curious, sometimes there watching entertainment news netizens are an inquisitive spirit, and we have to do is to let them break a few casserole. "

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