Use user’s lazy website operation

many web operators understand the psychological needs of seeking trouble in human nature. They are too lazy to think, bother to analyze and bother to make a choice. If someone helps to think and help to choose, this is what many users want. Don’t let me think, I think the intelligent system is more and more popular with users, can meet the needs of the user’s lazy features, have the opportunity to become killer applications. Such psychological needs require web operators to choose the user in the simplest way, rather than giving a large number of products, features, products, etc., to allow users to choose.

this is the inevitable trend of the development of the internet. At present, the development of the Internet era, in fact, is not the lack of creativity, high quality content, marketing channels, a variety of Internet information like a flood from micro-blog, SNS, portal, BBS, blog, QQ group and other various channels coming, for users, too much information, too much choice means flooding. That’s why hao123 and other navigation websites are still the top tier of Chinese traffic websites so far. That’s why the Baidu MP3 charts have become the place where most fans find popular songs.

, let’s look at the following examples to see the benefits of using the "lazy" feature of the user:

example: the world’s largest video site YouTube in the early stage of development is also in the solution of the "lazy" problem, traffic is rapidly rising, the user can easily analyze it in the history of the development of video, it plays an important role.

YouTube was barely noticed on Valentine’s day in 2005. According to a founder of YouTube, "at that time, in order to get attention, I tried to recommend every writer, but nobody paid attention to it. At the beginning and even adopted the badger, published an advertisement in the well-known classification information website Craigslist, said if there is beauty put 10 video on YouTube, on the award of $100, but this move failed.


website has been warming up until a few more features, such as video reviews, related video recommendations, and one click, can be used to recommend video, video, reprint, etc. to friends. These functions are available in almost every video site today, but at the time they were groundbreaking. Among them, the related video recommendation, one click mail push, video forwarding function is to help lazy people do things. Related videos recommend that users share interesting videos to friends; the more convenient is the video reprint function, which allows users to copy code to share everywhere. These lazy functions have greatly stimulated the user’s use, and finally help battle YouTube traffic surge in the short term. Shortly thereafter, the first round of financing was taken.

example two: when you use smart phone applications, you feel that the development of these applications must be very difficult, and AppsGeyser makes developing mobile applications become very simple, and even do not understand the technology can also make >

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