Webmaster, don’t hold onto a key word


has a core for each website, but if you just stare at this one of the words is not put, then your website is difficult to develop, and even if at first have a certain improvement, but also can not stand the test of time, eventually escape the fate as to why a single post cannot bear the burden. I believe, know a little webmaster all know it, but in spite of this, there are still many webmaster every day to put a lot of time and effort put in this one of the words, always feel that if their core keywords are not ranked, the other also did not expect, is this really the case

?In fact,

for the site to do the long tail keywords, can grow up, this is many webmaster very clear thing, but sometimes still can not be reconciled their core keywords no ranking, at the building site on set a goal for yourself, to take a certain key words do Baidu home page, and will easily Kilimanjaro give up? There is for a keyword has invested a lot of time and energy, if you want it down to do other words, he will not resign, inside a voice told myself to hold on a bit good, maybe tomorrow will be able to see your keywords row to Baidu home page, then, struggling in the hope and disappointment, and to give up the tangle.

at the moment do not think it is worthwhile to insist to admire do its own cannot make up words, but will feel a bit silly, though, the webmaster have insisted that victory in the said, this also is true, give up their own efforts in encouraging everyone not to, but not in all cases for, so, eventually, you insist or give up, this is to choose according to the situation, when the competition and competitors on the whole industry, but also according to their own strength, the site has no advantage, advantage? Can a website a few years old to defeat in a short time, these are to be considered.

if a competitor’s website is to do some a few old station, there are thousands of articles on the content of the chain resources is very large, there are hundreds of thousands of the chain, you are a new means more than what it? You might say, Qinnengbuzhuo, their daily hard point, much more new website the content, the more the chain, but you do what others are doing, not to mention, he told you to do it again, even if he did not stop for a while, you also miss the short time ah, the old site has not only with the chain content advantage, also have weight very high, there are so many chain, coupled with domain names, web site and does not have weight? It can be in the front row, naturally has its advantages, that you do not doubt.

of course, here is not to say that to our webmaster quit, but I hope the webmaster don’t stare at a keyword, the target dead only, can try to do some other competitive keywords might be slightly smaller, if you can put some long tail keywords row in a short period of time.

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